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Length: Novel

Max is a wealthy-ish oil rigger who inherits a whole lot more money from his deceased boss. There’s some trouble that comes with it too, in the form of his boss’ family who plan to contest the will. Max isn’t too upset, he’s a chill sort of guy, but he is a mite tired of the belly-aching of those folks. Out in a London pub to escape the money grubbers, Max is startled by a stranger ducking under his table to hide from some unsavory dudes.

Morgan is a treat, and Max has no qualms about keeping his cover. They share a pint, then a cab, then a night of brilliant sex. Morgan’s the only son of a wealthy water tycoon, and he’s been on the run for a lot of his life just to keep out of his father’s uncompromising plans. Morgan isn’t straight enough, or man enough, in his dad’s eyes, but Max finds him fascinating.

Oil and Water is almost entirely sex and travel. To stay ahead of the men Morgan’s father hires to rein him in—usually against his will—Max and Morgan take their mobile sex feast off to Brazil, and then Italy. But that brings the keepers too close and Max has to figure out how to bring the man he thinks of as the love of his life back to his own home in rural Oklahoma.

I will be honest, I got bored of this story. The writing is a ton of sentence fragments and the men finishing one another’s sentences. The POV switched from Max to Morgan, and Max’s POV was one dimensional. Morgan had the emotional struggle of dealing with his dad, but mostly all they talked about or thought about was how to have sex, and when to have sex, and what they felt while having sex. The inevitable separation was almost a relief as it brought some new people into the story. Still, Max is a man of extremely few words and he carried that part, so it was a lot of grunting and making half-formed sentences to people who apparently nearly read his mind.

I wanted to love this one. I thought there would be more conflict and that I’d really bond with the characters. I’ve read this author’s work many times and never felt this way about any of those books. I’m a die-hard gimme the sexytimes reader, for what it’s worth, yet I was disappointed by this book’s  lack of plot. There’s virtually no drama, and tons of sex. The chemistry must have been good for how much they couldn’t bear to stop banging. I guess I was expecting more.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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