Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

After his long-time boyfriend died suddenly, Cameron MacGowan decided to start over again in a new place, moving to Fort Collins, Colorado. He is making a new group of friends, but not fully settling in as he is one of the few single guys in the group. However, Cam is enjoying a flirtation with barista, Jay Howard, another one of the gang’s singles. Cam finds himself really attracted to Jay, but Cam isn’t sure he is ready to get involved with someone as strong and intense as Jay as the first person he dates after his boyfriend died. For his part, Jay is definitely attracted to Cam, but it doesn’t seem like the other man is interested. As a bossy top in a twinky body, Jay often has trouble finding men who are sexually compatible and also looking for a relationship.

When Cam meets Boone, he finds himself drawn to the sweet, quiet man. While Jay seems perhaps not the right guy to ease back into dating with, Boone is someone who seems like he could be a good fit. The two try out dating, and after some stumbles, start to find a real connection. But when Cam introduces Boone to Jay, the men realize they have a past connection that left things quite rocky between them. But Boone is eager to make amends and soon he and Jay are able to smooth things over with regards to their past.

Cam is definitely interested in both Boone and Jay, but rather than be a problem, it turns out to be an opportunity. With Jay and Boone having shared a past attraction, Cam suggests that the men explore being together as a threesome. It turns out that the three men are the perfect mix, each complementing the others. A relationship among three men isn’t always easy however, and communication and honesty is key. Between past baggage and current insecurities, the men must be honest with one another and trust in what they’ve built if they all three want to have a future together.

Only For Us is the sixth book in J.D. Chambers engaging Only Colorado series and I think it is my favorite one so far. This book has everything I love about this series — fun humor and banter, super sexy interactions, great characters, and a touch of kink. The story mostly focuses on these men finding their way to one another through their somewhat complicated pasts and figuring out how to make things work among the three of them. There isn’t a lot of drama or conflict, just three really great guys who are figuring out how to be together. Despite this, the story never lagged for me at all. These guys were just really engaging and I loved watching them find their way to each other.

I think what carries this story are the three characters and Chambers does a great job making them layered and interesting. We have met all three men in prior books, though they have mostly appeared in small ways. Cam first appears in Only Need You since his boyfriend was Ted’s ex. Jay has been a regular side character through several books, including as Kieran’s best friend. And Boone gets very brief mention in Only Keep You as Arthur’s cheating ex. I’ll admit that I was a little wary when I picked this one up as things with the series seemed to have tied up in the last book and all the main members of the group had found their HEAs. I was a little worried that this story would feel like the extras were just rounded up and put together, but that is definitely not the case. These guys are just amazing together and Chambers does a great job really developing them into distinct characters who you can see are just a perfect fit for one another. More than that, it is clear why any two of these guys wouldn’t quite work, but how all three of them together are exactly right.

So I really loved this story and found it a perfect combination of all the things I have enjoyed about this series. Cam, Boone, and Jay are a great triad and I loved the way they fit together. This story does an excellent job of exploring all their pasts and showing us where these men are now and how as a group they can find their future happiness. I am so glad that Chambers took us back for another visit to this series and I really enjoyed this story.

P.S. While all the books feature various characters from the series, this story stands alone quite well. Even if you aren’t familiar with the series as a whole, you can jump in here pretty easily.