Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Logan can’t find a job, is paying off school loans, and has nowhere to live. His mom and her new husband have no place for a gay son and he has nowhere left to turn. So Logan takes a chance on Craig, his former step-father, in the hopes that he will take him in for a while. Logan has had a crush on Craig for years, but things ended badly between them. However, Logan holds out hope that Craig will be willing to take him in, even if his dreams of more between them seem just a fantasy.

Craig likes rules and order, and if Logan is going to live with him, he expects Logan to follow suit. Craig’s life is mostly routine and having Logan living with him definitely shakes things up. Especially since being around Logan reminds Craig of some of his own fantasies, ones he has never explored. Craig tries to keep his distance from Logan, but when Logan breaks the rules in search of some attention (and punishment), Craig obliges. That leads to a whole new world for Craig and to a chance for the men to find something more between them.

Rule 47 is a fun and sexy short story with a bit of daddy kink, a little brattiness, and a nice age gap element. I enjoyed seeing the rigid Craig getting shaken up a little as he begins to realize his feelings for Logan, as well as to explore some of his own fantasies. This story has an interesting twist in that while Logan has always known what he likes and what he is into as the more submissive partner, Craig is somewhat out of his element as the dominant one. He has never been with a man (or even interested in one), nor has he really explored daddy kink or any kind of Dom/sub dynamic. In most books I read where there is one partner new to this type of dynamic, the novice is the submissive. So I thought this was a fun twist and I liked seeing Craig opening himself up to these new experiences. I think Van Dorn does a nice job showing how this is something Craig has had in the back of his mind for a while, so it is new, but also not out of nowhere for him.

I think this story feels nicely complete for a short work. Obviously, given the length, the relationship isn’t fully developed and the story is limited. But I still felt like we get a good scope of relationship development and things tie up well at the end (plus a really sweet epilogue). I wish the former step-father issue had been given more attention, as this is fairly taboo by most standards (especially when you add on daddy kink) and the characters never even really discuss it, which seemed odd. This absence seemed particularly notable considering the conflict surrounding Craig at the end of his marriage to Logan’s mom. I also would have like to see the story balance shifted a bit to more time with the guys together and less of the build up between them, but overall this story does feel nicely rounded out for a shorter work.

If you are looking for a short, sexy, and fun story with a bit of kink and a little taboo, Rule 47 is definitely worth checking out.