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Length: Novel

Aubrey Warren doesn’t understand the concept of vacations. A survivor of the workhouses and rough living, Aubrey views work as protection against all the horrors he managed to escape. But with the mill being rebuilt and fitted for electricity, Aubrey has no choice but to try and enjoy his time off. Luckily, he’s doing so with his lover, Sir Lindsey Althorp, and while the love they share is stalwart, both men still struggle to bridge the gap between their varied life experiences.

When Lindsey introduces Aubrey to the gentlemanly pursuit of horse riding, he hopes it will be a hobby they can share. But an accident leaves Aubrey fighting for life and Lindsey faced with the very real possibility of losing the man he loves.

Throw His Heart Over is the direct sequel to Mr Warren’s Profession. You have to read to the series in order because there are things that happen in Mr Warren’s Profession that have a direct bearing on Throw His Heart Over. I would call this book a slice of life novel. It’s one of those stories where very little happens on the surface, but that becomes critical to the development and evolution of the characters. It’s a relatively quick read, especially in comparison to its predecessor, but I never felt the story was rushed or lacking in substance.

Aubrey still has a chip on his shoulder about his previous life and now about the scars he carries after the mill explosion. But I got the impression he was trying a little harder to accept what Lindsey offered and to adapt to his new life. He is still somewhat overly obsessed with how people view him or what they might think of him, which made me want to shake him a bit. Lindsey is still a twit, but there’s never been a more meaningful and devoted one. He doesn’t think about the differences between he and Aubrey because he doesn’t see them. He accepts Aubrey, scars and all, and does so without hesitation. His love for Aubrey is absolute and it makes their romance even more enjoyable.

My only complaint with Throw His Heart Over is a side story involving Aubrey serving as a model for a painter. It’s an act that doesn’t seem in step with his personality, especially since the mill explosion. So it never made a ton of sense why he would agree to pose. This doesn’t derail the novel, but it was one of those things that me wondering why we needed it at all.

Sebastian Nothwell is quickly developing into an exceptional historical romance writer and one whose books I eagerly await. Throw His Heart Over is a sweet follow up to Mr Warren’s Profession and it was fun to visit with Aubrey and Lindsey again. I’m interested to see how their relationship continues to evolve and change!

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