Today I am so pleased to welcome Hailey Turner to Joyfully Jay. Hailey has come to talk to us about her latest release, All Souls Near & NIgh (which we reviewed here and loved). She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

Myths Are What You Make of Them

If you’ve read my Soulbound series, then you’ve probably figured out that I love mythology. I’m here today to talk about one of my favorite archetypes you’ll find in myths—the trickster.

Sometimes tricksters are gods, other times they are figures in tales, but every version shares the same basic traits of trickery and mischief. They aren’t inherently good or evil, though many stories have them siding more with one aspect or the other. It depends on the figure, on the telling, on how many translations the story has gone through, and where the myth comes from in the world.

In A Ferry of Bones & Gold, I introduced Hermes, a Greek god who normally takes up the role of trickster in Greek mythology. In Soulbound, he’s very much a thorn in Patrick’s side, helpful one second and annoying the next. Does Patrick want to shoot him every time Hermes shows up? Yes, yes he does. Does Hermes provoke that feeling on purpose? You better believe he does. Tricksters are experts at getting under your skin to provoke the precise reaction they want.

In All Souls Near & Nigh, I’ve introduced another trickster god called Coyote. Here’s where things get tricky (see what I did there?). Coyote is a revered mythological figure for many indigenous tribes in the Americas, but he appears in various forms and has other names he goes by depending on the people and the story being told. For this book, I drew specifically from the Diné (Navajo) mythos for Á?tsé Hashké (pronounced Aht SEH hash KEH) and I tried to be as respectful as I could to the core of their version of Coyote.

Unlike Hermes, Á?tsé Hashké really doesn’t care about helping Patrick so much as helping the souls of werecreatures. Reaching that goal just so happened to run through Patrick, but Á?tsé Hashké got something out of helping him as well. Trickster gods don’t do anything for free, after all.

Ultimately, what I love about writing trickster god characters is they are unpredictable, and that makes for great storytelling.


You can’t bargain with death if you’ve already sold your soul.

Special Agent Patrick Collins has been reassigned by the Supernatural Operations Agency to New York City. Learning to navigate his new relationship with Jonothon de Vere, the werewolf he’s now soulbound to, is nothing compared to dealing with territorial disputes between the vampires and werecreatures who call the five boroughs home. But the delicate treaties that have kept the preternatural world in check are fraying at the edges, and the fallout is spilling into the mundane world.

Manhattan’s club scene is overrun with the vampire drug known as shine and the subways have become a dumping ground for bodies. When the dead are revealed as missing werecreatures, Patrick and Jono find themselves entangled in pack politics twisted by vampire machinations.

Learning to trust each other comes with problems for both of them, and the gods with a stake in Patrick’s soul debt aren’t finished with him yet. Bound by promises they can’t break, Patrick and Jono must find a way to survive a threat that takes no prisoners and is stalking them relentlessly through the city streets.

Old and new betrayals are coming home to roost but the truth—buried in blood—is more poisonous than the lies being spun. Trying to outrun death is a nightmare—one Patrick may never wake up from.

All Souls Near & Nigh is a 104k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot and a HFN ending. It is a direct sequel to A Ferry of Bones & Gold, and reading the first book in the series would be helpful in enjoying this one. Please see the disclaimer in the Look Inside for content some readers may find triggering.</span>


Hailey Turner is big city girl who spoils her cats rotten and has a demanding day job that she loves, but not as much as she loves writing. She’s been writing since she was a young child and enjoys reading almost as much as creating a new story. Hailey loves stories with lots of action, gritty relationships, and an eventual HEA that satisfies the heart.


Hailey has brought two backlist books to give away to two lucky readers on her blog tour. Just follow the Rafflecopter to enter. 

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