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Jag is on the run from his family because when he came out to them, they sent him to “conversion therapy.” He’s been traveling from strip club to strip club since not only does dancing get him some money to live on, he’s good at it and enjoys it. Ever since Jag was been betrayed by a lover, he’s resolved to never get into another relationship. It’s too dangerous. However, when he finds a club called Heaven and Hell, Jag can’t help but be attracted to the club’s owner, Michael.

Michael used to dance at Heaven and Hell, and has since bought it. He’s still in mourning after his partner, Edward, passed away. Yes, Michael has dated, but he’s never given his heart to anyone since. Jag has stirred up something within Michael, and they give in to their mutual passion. Michael would like to take their relationship further, but Jag insists it’s all no strings fun.

As the men spend more time together, Jag begins to reevaulate his rules. He wants to stay at Heaven and Hell…and with Michael. Michael has fallen for Jag and wants them to be together. Will Jag decide to confront his fears and give Michael a chance? Or will he just run on to the next city and the next club?

I’ve always been a fan of stories that take place in a club atmosphere. Not only do you get the main characters, but you get a nice cast of supporting characters and a setting where exciting things can happen (as well as romance). When I read the blurb for Broken, I grabbed it up and was excited to get to reading. I did feel like a few things were a little off, but I still enjoyed this book very much.

Both Jag and Michael were sympathetic characters…good, nice men who had gone through some terrible things in their lives. Michael lost the man who he’d thought he’d spend the rest of his life with, and Jag lost his family and any sense of security he had when he’d come out and been sent to conversion therapy, and when he finally trusted someone, that someone betrayed him.

The men had some decent chemistry between them. A spark was present from the very beginning. Even though Jag was younger than Michael, it didn’t present a problem to either of them. Michael sensed there were issues with Jag, and while he didn’t necessarily want to pry, he did want to offer him comfort and stability. Jag took a little bit to warm up to, but it wasn’t because he was rude or angry, he was just frightened. He seemed older than his 20 years, and loneliness radiated from him. The men got together rather quickly for sex, but it didn’t feel too rushed. The scenes were hot, especially the shower one, but they were also tender. Michael wanted to give Jag what he needed, and he was willing to do anything that took.

The middle of the book dragged a bit. The whole “will Jag stay or won’t he” storyline got to be a little much. Also, the idea of Jag being 20 years old and an adult, and still running was a little hard for me to believe. I was willing to suspend that though, because I did want to see an explanation. Reading about Jag’s desire to be with Michael and, in turn, wanting to keep Michael safe from kept my interest, but as I mentioned, it felt a little long. I was relieved when he finally decided he wanted to fight for his own (and Michael’s) happiness.

I like the author’s writing style. It’s smooth and easy to follow. Each chapter focused on one of the men and that made it even easier. Also, even though it was back and forth, it was still in the third person, so I didn’t feel like I was head jumping. The book was compelling, and I was really into it, even during the slower parts.

The ending was nicely done. No real surprises. just a simple HEA that both men deserved. I liked the Heaven and Hell/strip club setting, and I would have no problem reading any sequels the author might decide to write in that setting (Hint! Hint!). I most definitely recommend Broken to fans of…well…broken men who find comfort in each other and, in turn, become each other’s saviors. Definitely pick this one up.

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