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Thanks to diabetic retinopathy, Leo Ferrar has been blind for two years. He’s bitter and has shut himself off from the rest of the world. Leo’s gone through several support workers because he’s mean. They have even started to call him Mr. Ferrarocious. Now, he’s expecting a new support worker from the agency, and he’s determined to send them away as well, but Leo is in no way prepared for what happens next.

Ben, a recovering heroin addict, is serving community service at the support work agency. He’s just off a job where he’d cared for an elderly woman who passed away. He mourns her, but he needs to get back to work. Ben’s assigned to Leo and he will not be deterred by Leo’s attitude.

Within hours, Leo finds himself more comfortable with Ben than he has been with any other person other than his family. Ben’s charming, makes Leo laugh, and he’s got the most beautiful voice Leo’s ever heard. Meanwhile, Ben is intrigued by Leo and he wants to help him come back to himself. It doesn’t hurt that Leo has the most beautiful eyes that Ben has ever seen.

Can Ben break down Leo’s walls, and can Leo get past his bitterness and learn to enjoy life again?

I. Loved. This. Book!! You guys, this was one of the most charming, sweet, and sexy books I’ve read in a long time. It was beautifully written (also very British), with a character driven story that was compelling and held my attention all the way through to the very end. There was nearly zero conflict…just two men who clicked. It may have taken a little bit (and I mean a little bit) for Leo to warm to Ben, but even that was relatively low stress. Ben took Leo by surprise. I would even say he steamrolled him, and that’s exactly what Leo needed.

Darkness Dawns is almost 200 pages long, but it most definitely didn’t feel like it. Everything was so smooth, I felt like it was over in a flash. What is interesting, though, is the story itself only takes place over two and a half days. There was a spark between the two men, and it burned like an inferno. Along with charming me with their amusing banter, Leo and Ben melted my Kindle. The sex scenes were smoking hot, but they weren’t over the top.

What I liked best, though, were the scenes where Leo and Ben talked. Their chemistry wasn’t only for the bedroom. Their conversations helped them connect on a deeper level, and they broke through each other’s barriers. As I said, there wasn’t much time from meeting to becoming intimate, so a lot of ground was covered within those pages. I was very impressed by the author’s skill.

I have to tell you, I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s really something special. Do yourself a favor and pick it up and savor it. It will definitely go into your re-read pile.

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