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Length: Novel

On the set of the upcoming BBC mini-series, Camelot, actors Kit and Devon decide to seduce their co-star, Jonathan. Jon is supposedly straight, but when the sparks fly between the trio, Jon acts on his long-time attraction to men. There are plenty of bumps along the way as Kit, Jon, and Devon figure out how to please one another while satisfying their own wants and needs. What begins as a bedroom romp evolves into something deeper as each man finds something wonderful in the trio they’ve created. But they quickly realize it will take work to make their unique relationship into one that stands the test of time.

Exploring Limits was previously released as a series of novellas, which included Exploring Limits, Stretching Limits, and Refining Limits. These three stories have now been reworked into one novel in this new edition.

If you enjoy fun sexy times in your romance books, then you’ll definitely get that in this particular series. Because there isn’t much by way of content beyond the sex. Just page after page after page of it. Now I enjoy sexy times as much as the next person, but when the story lacks plot or purpose, it gets old quickly. And unfortunately, that’s what happens with Exploring Limits. These stories have little to no plot line and what we do get is fairly shallow and lacking in depth. There are several incidents that occur, including a failure to establish safe words and the history of abuse Devon suffered, but these problems are blips and barely addressed with any depth or serious attention. Any issues the characters might still have from these incidents are quickly and easily fixed with sex. Which is unfortunate, because exploring this subject further could have really given the book some much needed depth.

Kit, Jon, and Devon are flat and lifeless, even when they’re together. We know almost nothing about them as individuals and what few conversations they have tend to be rather superficial and dull. When they do discuss difficult topics, it’s done hurriedly and only ever acts as a setup for further sex. There isn’t anyone here that I could connect with as a reader. And when combined with the lack of a plot, there just isn’t much about Exploring Limits that I found enjoyable.

I normally enjoy ménage stories and polyamory in general, but Exploring Limits focuses almost exclusively on sex without providing any sort of significant storyline or relatable characters. As a result, the series is high on sex and low on everything else. I wanted to enjoy Exploring Limits, but in the end it just didn’t work for me.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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