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Length: Novel

Jesse Murtagh is a wealthy and successful businessman. He works hard and he plays hard. He treats his partners well, but is up front with them that he is not monogamous and is not interested in settling down. Jesse’s latest endeavor is a speakeasy that he owns with his friend, Kyle, who understands Jesse and has been his long-time friend with benefits. Jesse has never wanted more from his partners until he meets Cameron Lewis and Jesse is not at all sure how to stay with Cam while still staying true to himself.

Cam Lewis is a music teacher in a private school by day and a club DJ by night. He lives in a small room surrounded by a lot of roommates in Brooklyn and while a serious relationship is not his style, hot hookups will always turn his head.

When Jesse meets Cam inadvertently through his friend, Carter, Jesse is immediately attracted to the younger man. And, he wants to get to know Cam a whole lot better, preferably in private. What starts as a fun time of dates and heated encounters turns to feelings that neither man expected or thinks the other reciprocates. When Cam thinks the fallout will be too much for his heart to take, he backs away from Jesse, leaving them both hurting. But if both men are willing to finally discuss what works best for them, the men may find a way to be together.

Extra Dirty builds off of the first book in the Speakeasy series, With a Twist, but also builds off of the earlier Tidal series from the authors. This book is one of my favorites from these authors and while I fully recommend it, it may be more difficult to pick this one up on its own. Jesse is a prominent side character in many of the previous books, he had a relationship with Carter, and Carter and Riley and the larger group dynamics are a part of this book.

Jesse intrigued me from early on and he’s one of those scene-stealing characters. While he’s charming, attractive, and successful, he’s a good friend and is upfront with his partners. Jesse is not at all about monogamy and he’s clear and open about that. He and his business partner, Kyle, are a regular item in the bedroom or behind the bar, and while he would never intentionally hurt a partner, he does like variety and his status offers him an array of opportunities.

As a music teacher, Cam does not live the high-profile life that Jesse does, but he also enjoys not being tied down. When attraction flares between the men, they seem like the perfect fit until their steady hookups lead to feelings they never expected. They both know something is different with this relationship, but Cam is the first to voice it and when he starts to pull back to save himself from heartache he assumes will be coming for him, he doesn’t explain himself or discuss it with Jesse and their relationship, as well as their friendship, fractures.

While they are together though, they are smoking hot. The men are with other partners, some on page, before they meet, and then take in a third for some scenes as well. The scenes they do have together started to live up to the title, but with a name like Extra Dirty, I was expecting a little more given the base of their relationship.

The speakeasy is more prominent here as well and adds the perfect exclusive location to keep tabs on the entire group. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Jesse and Cam and them finding the relationship that truly worked for them. They are in a good place when the book ends, but I would certainly be interested to see how they make out down the road as the book does not offer a glimpse into their future. A possible set up was presented for Kyle and a firefighter that caught his attention and I am already ready for another book set within this world.

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