Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Snow and Jude are solid in their three-year relationship and the spark is brighter than ever. They are both looking forward to a week off together when their plans change abruptly as Jude’s brother, Jordan, is found shot and beaten. Jude is horrified at the condition his brother is in and blames himself for not keeping a closer eye on what was going on in Jordan’s life. While Jordan is in a coma, Jude won’t rest until he knows what happened to his younger brother.

The journey will take Snow and Jude into areas they didn’t want to travel and puts them both in danger as they get on the radar of those that hurt Jordan. Jude and Snow are confronted with a darker side of life that they had no interest in being a part of and Jude may never recover when he learns what exactly happened to Jordan. With danger at every turn, Snow and Jude’s bond grows stronger than ever, but outside forces will threaten the happiness they worked so hard to find.

Another book about Snow and Jude was all I needed to hear and I was in. There are certain characters that draw you in more than others and Snow has been a long time favorite of mine, along with his relationship with Jude. I would not recommend reading this book on its own as this is book six of the Unbreakable Bonds series and this story does not stand alone.

As the book opens, Jude and Snow are just starting a week-long vacation and Jude wanted nothing more than to keep his man in bed for the entire week. However, we barely get a chance to reconnect with the men before the phone call comes that turns their lives upside down once again. This series is built on the incredible found family between all the men, as well as all the action that has carried the series. But, with all the drama that came before for these men, I was hoping to have time with them in their relationship, but that was not to be.

The action starts right away as Jude and Snow try to figure out what happened to Jude’s brother, Jordan. The intent behind his injuries again draws this story down a darker path and the authors include a trigger warning in the beginning of the book. While Jordan is in a coma for the majority of the story, he is a major player in the book as Jude becomes obsessed with getting vengeance for him.

We also get to reconnect with the other men in the group and while there are glimpses of them, this book is highly focused on traveling down the path to uncover what happened to Jordan. The characters in the book continue to be well written, but I did have some issues with how some of the action plays out. Rowe is Snow’s best friend and considered family. He is supposedly renowned for his amazing security company and set up the security at Snow and Jude’s home, yet they are subject to a simple break-in. For as skilled as these men have always been presented to be, people are always getting the jump on them and it gets a little old for me after a while. Also, there is an attempt at humor in serious situations where characters are in extreme danger, yet the jokes and antics really downgrade the sense of danger for me and then it all becomes not as serious as it’s supposed to be. The ending didn’t wrap up all the way for me, there were a few pieces that stuck out as not fully fitting in to the rest of the story, and for Jordan being such a focal point, there wasn’t enough for me at the end to pull his personal story together.

The intimate moments with Snow and Jude are the absolute best and it’s a treat to see how far their relationship has evolved and the true love they have for each other. But, I would have preferred a little more balance between the larger plot and time with Snow and Jude. If you’ve followed this series and want more from Snow and Jude, you could check out their next adventure in Fracture.

Joyfully Jay