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Length: Novel

Brett and Ryder have fallen for one another, but Brett worries he is not enough for Ryder. Although Ryder has tried to convince Brett they are meant for one another, Brett fears that as an alpha, Ryder needs an omega with whom he can start a family, not a beta like Brett. However, as much as Brett tries to stay away, he loves Ryder and can’t help but want them to be together.

Brett is also keeping a secret — he is hiding Cam, an omega who escaped from the Oaklawn pack. While Brett’s own Trillium Creek pack is open and accepting and allows its wolves freedom to move beyond their typical “gender” roles, Oaklawn horribly mistreats its omegas. Brett and Cam knew each other as kids; in fact, they both had crushes on one another. So Brett has agreed to help hide Cam to keep his old pack from finding him and forcing him to return. Brett manages to convince Cam to talk to Ryder to get some advice since Ryder is an attorney. However, when Brett introduces the men, they are all in for a shock as it turns out Cam and Ryder are fated mates.

Brett is devastated to learn that the man he loves (as well as the man on whom he is crushing) are fated to be together, but also happy for them as well. He cares for both men and wants them happy, he is just hurt to know it won’t be with him. However, Ryder and Cam believe that they are more than just a fated pair, but that Ryder belongs with them as well. But convincing Ryder that they are better as a threesome is not an easy task.

On top of that, the wolves from Oaklawn pack aren’t taking Cam’s disappearance lightly. Even as the men are figuring out their relationship, they must fight off threats from Oaklawn if they have any hope of being together.

Love Times Three is the second full story in Silvia Violet’s Trillium Creek pack series, which also includes a short novella. There is an overarching series plot focused on the threats from the Oaklawn pack that carries into this book, and Brett and Ryder appear in earlier stories as side characters. So while I do think you could follow this story as a standalone, reading the other books does add a lot here.

I enjoyed this relationship among Ryder, Brett, and Cam. There are some interesting dynamics as Ryder and Brett have been together for a while, but things are strained as Brett doesn’t feel he is enough for Ryder. When the book starts, the guys are not currently together, but we have seen enough of them in the first two stories that it feels like an established relationship. Then we add in Cam, who has a past with Brett where both men felt attraction for one another, but whom is just meeting Ryder — his fated mate. So there is a lot going on here among these men and I think Violet really manages it all well. Despite the different connections they all have, there is a nice balance to the relationship with all the men feeling an equal part of things. They are all sweet and charming and sexy together and I liked these guys as a group.

There are some areas I would have liked to see developed more in the relationship, however. We have seen enough of Ryder and Brett together that I felt like I knew them as couple, and Cam and Ryder are fated, love at first sight kind of mates. But I wished for a little more understanding what is driving things between Cam and Brett. We are told they knew each other as kids and had an attraction, but we don’t really see any of that and I wanted a little more background on their connection. I also wished I could see more of what these guys saw in one another beyond attraction (fated mates or otherwise). I didn’t get a great sense of what made them care for one another and what drew them to each other aside from just being hot for each other and I would have liked to see more development of their feelings and relationship.

Aside from figuring out how they may all work as a threesome, the other conflict in the story focuses on threats from Oaklawn. This plot has carried over the series and doesn’t resolve here, though we do get some advancement. I think the pacing with this plot is working well across the series, however, in this book I feel like the threat to Cam hits a crisis and then is pretty much dropped. I am not sure why suddenly no one is worried for his safety as none of the threats have been shut down. So I feel like that needed a little more resolution.

Despite some issues, I think this is my favorite installment of the series so far. I really like the way Violet is building this world and she has created some great characters (albeit ones who kind of suck at birth control!). I think the overarching conflict is meshing well with the individual stories and there is a nice balance between them. And I found Brett, Ryder, and Cam to be a really likable threesome. I appreciated the way they worked things out among them and I found their story really entertaining. I am definitely looking forward to following along for more in this series.

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