Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

When Bow Street Runner Kit Thompson is summoned to the country, he isn’t sure what he’s going to find. The Earl of Farleigh’s estate appears to be caught in the grip of a perpetual blizzard, one that threatens the Earl and his household. Kit is naturally suspect of everyone until he can rule them out and that includes the Earl’s peculiar brother, Harry Arden. Harry is second in line to the earldom, but has never left the Fairleigh property and has never had any experiences beyond that of his home. While Kit wants to keep his investigation free of entanglements, Harry is someone he can’t ignore. Harry is protective and loyal to his frail brother and utterly devoted to the Fairleigh estate. And he desperately wants Kit.

When a violent and brutal ice elemental targets Harry and Kit, they are forced to take refuge in a hunting lodge on the property. There, Kit forgets all the rules and lets himself accept everything Harry offers. But Kit will have to set aside all he knows and put his faith in Harry in order to end the threat against Fairleigh.

Snowed In: Kit and Harry is a sweet and utterly charming novella with a paranormal twist. It reminded me a bit of K.J. Charles’ A Charm of Magpies and like that work, Snowed In: Kit and Harry pretty much grabbed me from page one. Kit is sensible and determined and terribly cynical. He’s pulled himself up from nothing to a position of prominence with the Bow Street Runners, Preternatural Division. He’s learned to deal with the upper crust while knowing he can never be one of them. So he’s a bit surly and irascible and it’s easy to understand the reason he carries such a big chip on his shoulder. But the author describes Harry as sunshine: joyful and honest and open, and it’s a really beautiful aspect of his personality. He’s an obvious suspect and we can feel Kit’s desperation as he tries to keep things professional between them. Their relationship is natural and smooth and they feel right together almost from the beginning.

My only complaint with this book is a minor one. I wish it was longer. Kit and Harry are so well developed that they keep their relationship from feeling like insta-love, but only just. The author does a good job of giving readers a lot of information in a small package, but I feel like the plot and its characters would have been even better with some fleshing out and a more relaxed progression of events. Snowed In: Kit and Harry isn’t lacking exactly, but it just needed a bit of room and time to let the story flow.

Snowed In: Kit and Harry was a very enjoyable story and it certainly packs a lot of punch for such a quick read. It’s set in an extended universe of the author’s, but it certainly works as a stand alone and aside from wanting it to be a shade longer, I felt Snowed In: Kit and Harry was fun from start to finish.

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