Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Halo still can’t believe this is his life now. As the new lead singer for Fallen Angel, Halo has everything he ever wanted, and even things he never knew he wanted…like Viper in his bed. With the band recording an album in Florida and spending all their time together in a mansion on the beach, the guys are constantly on top of each other—in all the ways. The chemistry between Halo and Viper is incredible both on stage and off, but Viper isn’t a relationship guy and they both know that their intimate time together has an expiration date.

Yet, the chemistry continues to grow between the men and feelings come into play. But Viper doesn’t do feelings and he is on a destructive path to sabotage his own happiness, as well as take Halo down right along with him. Although Viper is out, he understands that he and Halo can’t be seen as a couple in public, but that doesn’t stop them from craving each other every moment. From the moment they saw each other the spark was lit, but if Viper can’t reach out and name what he wants, they both might go down in flames.

Viper is the follow up to Halo and is not intended to be read as a standalone. This book picks up where the first one left off and then takes off from there. At first glance, this could be seen as a standard rock star romance, but it’s the characters here and the definite chemistry between them that makes the difference.

The book is highly character driven and when done well that is a favorite of mine and Halo and Viper are written well. With POVs from both guys, we really get a sense of what they are feeling for each other. They both are caught off guard by the intensity of their feelings, but Halo is one that wants to make a permanent statement. Viper has a reason to be wary of relationships and he since he doesn’t do feelings, he tries to tell himself and Halo that there is an end to their time together.

The progression of the larger story is one I found fairly standard for a rock star romance with interviews and photo shoots and a manager that the group doesn’t like, but the story is more relationship focused and driven. There is definite humor as Halo is just coming up in the music world and the rest of the guys have more experience and some of Halo’s reactions were entertaining. The relationship between these guys didn’t have to be as complicated, but Viper thinks things can only be a certain way and while he thinks he’s protecting himself from getting hurt, it doesn’t always work out that way.

These guys have issues between them, but while there is a constant push and pull to their relationship and they make mistakes and hurt each other, I did like that they kept circling back to each other and it all kept moving along. Viper is said to be the bad boy of the group and he’s definitely set in his ways and a little gruff at times, but he wasn’t overly bad to me as we get to see what’s going on inside of him. The interactions between these guys are passionate and rough as they can’t get enough of each other and they can certainly carry this book, as well as this series.

It’s only one month until the final book in the series and if you enjoy rock stars with serious chemistry in a heated romance where they find unexpected feelings, certainly try the Fallen Angel series.