Story Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Darcy Stark
Length: 8 hours, 17 minutes

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I have long been a fan of Eden Winter’s Diversion series, and I have been really enjoying the chance to revisit the books now that they have started coming out in audio. I first read Collusion way back in 2013, but this is one of the stories that has always stuck with me, even amidst so many wonderful books in this series. The story it tells about a prescription drug shortage and the life-and-death effects this has on patients in dire need of medication is just really intense and emotional. That the story is based on a real life, similar drug shortage the U.S. faced makes it all the more poignant. There is just such great emotion in this story as Bo deals with working at a children’s cancer hospital and desperately trying to locate legal and safe drugs for the patients, and we also get to see a tender side to Lucky as well. On top of that, this story moves the relationship between Bo and Lucky forward so nicely, with Lucky finally accepting his feelings for Bo. For more details on the story itself, you can check out my original review here.

Narrator Darcy Stark is doing a nice job with this series. He handles the accents well and I particularly appreciate how Bo and Lucky have different accents as they are from different parts of the south, as opposed to making them Generic Southern. The pacing is good and Stark gets the tone right across the suspense and the more day-to-day events. I’ll also note that Stark does a wonderful job on the love scenes (which are quite sexy in this story) and the narration feels natural and brings them even more to life. My only complaint is that Stark has a tendency to at times give the characters a biting, almost angry tone, even in places where they are not upset. It comes across occasionally with Lucky, and even more frequently with his boss, Walter. It often seems like they are mad or annoyed, even when the story doesn’t suggest that. But overall, this is a nicely narrated story and a very enjoyable way to experience the book.

So I am really glad I got to revisit this one in audio, as it is one of my favorite books in the series. I am excited to see that Winters is continuing to produce audio for this series and am looking forward to continuing on with them.