Today I am so pleased to welcome Rain Carrington to Joyfully Jay. Rain has come to talk to us about Remember the Alamo and has brought along some Q&As, an excerpt, and a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Rain a big welcome!


Q: The series this book is starting off is called Legacy. Can you tell us, why Legacy?

A: I was on an ancestry site, so of course I get emails from them all the time, trying to tempt me back. I got the idea after deleting a couple of these annoying emails one day. What if your ancestors are not something to be proud of? Or, if they are, would you have to live up to their legacies all your life? Then, the characters developed, and a story unfolded.


Q: Since this is a series, will each book be a stand-alone?

A: Yes, but they are connected. Each new set of characters will “know” the former characters in some way. Maybe they helped in the past with their own difficulties. The final book probably will not be a stand-alone, as it will incorporate all the characters, coming together for a common problem.


Q: A common problem?

A: One thing about all my book series is the coming together of people in a kind of family. Many have been pushed out of their own families over sexuality or something else. This theme is common in the LGBTQ community, and I wanted to portray it in my books. Many friends I have are like family, a family of our choosing. My characters are much the same, finding people that pull together in times of hardship to lift one another up, instead of turning their backs on them.


Q: In Remember the Alamo, what is the general premise?

A: McCully Blaylock, Mac for short, was raised on his family’s ranch. The ancestor that started the ranch fought alongside Sam Houston in the war between Mexico and Texas. Mac’s lived under that legacy all his life, but he also lived under an overbearing father. Mac’s father recently dies, and Mac discovers that he’s left a substantial debt. Thinking he’ll have to sell tears him up, as the ranch has been theirs for so long.

His brother and sister-in-law send a manager to help Mac out, to see if it can be saved. The manager, Leo Glover, comes in and discovers that the ranch isn’t the problem, it’s Mac. Mac has lived under so many men that overshadowed him that he didn’t know where he belonged in the world. Leo helps him to get past his insecurities, letting Mac be his own hero.


Q: That sounds great! It’s not easy to be our own heroes in life. What may be in store for the future books? Any ideas? Can you reveal that?

A: The second book is already written, and it’s called The Principle. It’ll be out in a few months and it’s about a man who comes from a fundamentalist Mormon community. Obvious legacies there for his story. The following may be varied, but all in the same line, overcoming the past generations so the men involved will be able to leave their own personal legacies.


It felt so good, so, so good. He was shaking from how good it felt, but what was more amazing, is that things had drifted from his head again. There was nothing running through his mind, no worries about the future of the ranch, no guilt, no thoughts that it might not last with Leo. Right then, it felt like forever, and it didn’t matter if that changed.

Right that moment, that was forever.

The soft lovemaking lasted a long time, but it didn’t end that way. He was pushed over to his hands and knees, so Leo could pound him from behind. There was a strong grip on his shoulders while Leo used that leverage to fuck him so hard his teeth rattled.

There were no words, but that didn’t mean Leo was silent. His deep, guttural grunts were driven into Mac like that beautiful black cock was, and the moment his lips parted with his own sex sounds, Leo’s hand slapped over his mouth, stifling him.

Without being able to express his adulation over the fucking, he had to keep it in, effectively keeping in the joy as well. It rose up, building like a capped volcano. He knew when that top blew, not even the tower of a man that Leo was could contain it.

Not that he wanted to. It was Leo that screamed out into the room that had only recently heard little but the dull snoring of his father, “Come! Come, McCully, right fucking now!”

Breaking, the rock shell of his existence cracked open and he shot like a rock shooting straight up from the mouth of the volcano, a long tail of fire following. His face fell to the bed, his body felt like it wasn’t his, quaking, then stiff, the air taken from his lungs, so Leo no longer had to cover his mouth.

Leo was holding him after, cradled like a baby in his arms, kissing his forehead, the sweat clinging to his lips only to be kissed to another part of his face. “Damn, McCully Blaylock, you kicked my ass with that one. Nearly tore my dick off, you clenched so hard when you came.”

He took in a long breath, one that burned his raw throat. “I ain’t sorry a bit.”

“I’m glad,” he laughed. “That’s something you never have to be sorry for, baby.”

He was covered with the sheet and quilt, Leo spooning up behind him, holding him while his mind and body slowed from the experience. “Leo…”

“Yeah, baby?”

“I don’t think I thanked ya. For this, surely, but for…for all o’ it. Ya came jus’ in time.”

Leo lay his face on Mac’s, so Mac could feel his jaw working as he spoke. “Your ancestor, the one that fought with Sam Houston, they had a saying, during that war. Remember the Alamo. They did that, used that for their chant to push their fight, to hold strong. Though they’d move on and keep fighting, they’d never forget that hard past. That’s what I want you to do, baby. Remember the Alamo. Remember your hard past but remember it’s exactly that, your past. We can have any future we want.”


My name is McCully Blaylock. This first story you are about to read is mine. Well, it ain’t mine alone. It’s about the family I come from. It might be a little worse than yours, or it might be better. There’s no telling.

With people so obsessed with looking up their family trees, this story and the others to follow may be a good warning to rethink that. Things you may find will leave a mark. Sure, you might see that you inherited your blue eyes from your great-grandmother, or that weird hairline from your great-great grandfather, but it’s the things that aren’t physical that can define you.

You can’t help what happened a hundred years before you were born, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay the price for them, if your ancestors didn’t.

This series of stories is about these things, things that happened way back when and the men and women who must clean up after them or learn to live with them now. Our stories are connected, each linking to the next. Like a puzzle, only there ain’t no way to solve it all. Only little bits of it, like getting the outer edge done and missing all the insides.

What does happen, though, is that good does come outta all this. When those struggling with the past meet in the present, they pool their strength to be able to face whatever comes. Love does conquer all, even the things that seem like there is no way to beat them. Love, friendship and family, a family of your choosing more than one that you were cursed to be born into.

So, sit back and take in my tale. I thought it was just about the worst thing I could think of until I found out about the rest. Now I feel akin to other people, simply because we all have one thing in common.

Our ancestors are real dicks.


To live under the looming shadow of men who not only fought alongside legends, but were legends themselves, if only in their families. That’s what we deal with in the new series, Legacy.

The first story on this journey is about the man who introduced himself above, McCully Blaylock. Mac, as everyone calls him, is a timid man who worked his family’s ranch his entire life. When his father died, leaving massive debt, he is sure he’ll have to sell off the land that had been his family’s for generations.

His father had secrets, which Mac is starting to see, with the help of his brother, sister-in-law and a man who they sent to Mac to help him figure out what to do with the place. Leo Glover comes into his life like a twister across the prairie. He inserts himself into Mac’s life, frustrating him, but manages to bring out something long hidden. Mac’s own strength.

As he finds the truth of what was buried in his family’s past, Mac deals with it the best he can. Unable to sell the land, Leo suggests something unheard of in their part of Texas, but it’s something that can breathe new life into the ranch and the small town struggling nearby.

This is the first story, but they are all connected. It will take the combined efforts of the whole group to get through some of the trials thrown at these men, but with a little laughter, a lot of love and passion, they get through what was placed in their hands by people who came before them.

These are men determined to be better than those that came before them, and to make their own legacy.


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