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Length: Novel

Oliver is an introverted guy who enjoys his quiet life at home in Miami. So he is not thrilled when his grandmother arranges a family reunion at a ski resort in frigid Wyoming. But Oliver loves his grandmother and is willing to at least make an effort to enjoy himself, so he agrees to take a ski lesson, even though he has no desire to do anything other than curl up by the fire and write. When there is a mix-up with Oliver’s class, a gorgeous stranger comes to his aid and offers to give him a private lesson instead.

David used to work as a ski instructor at the resort, but now he runs his own outdoor tour company out of the nearby town of Anticipation. He has come to the ski lodge to keep a friend company, and when his spots sexy Oliver in need, David is happy to offer his services. While David has long known he is bisexual, he isn’t really out and hasn’t ever acted on his interest in men. But spending time with Oliver is more than enough to convince David that it is time to experience being with a guy.

It takes Oliver a bit of time to believe that a super hot outdoorsman like David would ever be interested in a guy like him (as well as to realize that David actually is into guys). However, once things click for the men, they begin quickly falling for each other. The sex is hot (the shared lingerie kink even hotter) and the guys are finding they really enjoy each other’s company. However, they live thousands of miles apart and as much as they would love to continue their relationship, it is hard to see how they can make things work, especially after only a few days together. But David and Oliver have fallen hard, and if they are willing to take a chance, they make just be able to turn their vacation fling into something lasting.

Anticipating Disaster is the first book in Silvia Violet’s new Anticipation series and it’s off to a great start. This story has so many of my catnip tropes — first time with a man, lingerie kink, geeky hero, and opposite attract — and I just loved it. The story is fun and romantic and super sexy. There are some nice small town moments when David takes Oliver to visit Anticipation, as well as some nice vacation fling elements as the guys explore the ski resort as well. Violet gives a nice balance to showcase how these guys are quite different, but also make it clear how compatible they are and make their relationship feel believable.

Things happen pretty fast here for David and Oliver and within a few days they are having pretty strong feelings. It is a bit of instalove, but it worked for me here as I could really see how these guys were falling for each other. They each are just so sweet and caring and look out for each other in nice ways. David is basically a dream man, perfect in nearly every way, but somehow he doesn’t come across as too over-the-top or unrealistic. I liked the way these very different men balance each other out and fit together. The story has a nice balance of sweet and super sexy. The book also explores David’s coming out as bisexual and I think it is generally handled well. I found myself a little frustrated that no one seems to consider the idea that a man who dates women doesn’t automatically equal straight, and Oliver takes a somewhat frustratingly long time to accept that yes, David really does like guys. But once this issue is resolved, things come together well.

The story is rounded out with a lot of side characters, including Oliver’s large group of cousins and other relatives (including his spunky grandmother), as well as David’s friends that we meet in Anticipation. I am guessing that a few of these guys will make their way into their own books, but it never feels like sequel bait, just a way to introduce us to a town that will presumably play a large role in the series.

Violet describes this series as like a Hallmark movie only gayer and filthier and that is pretty much this book in a nutshell. It’s a super sweet, small town feel combined with a very hot and dirty story. I enjoyed this book quite a lot and I can’t wait to explore this series with further books.

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