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Length: Anthology

His First Time is a collection of three erotic short stories by Tal Bauer, all featuring men having their first sexual experience with another man. The stories are fairly short and very steamy, as befitting an “erotic bundle,” and while they all have happy endings, don’t expect much relationship building, but rather a heated moment in time.

I did find the stories a little repetitive as all three feature two strangers meeting and having an immediate sexual encounter (two of which include going back to a hotel room). While the collection does focus on first times with a man, there is such a huge range of plot lines within this theme that having all three focus on meeting a stranger and running off to get fucked felt a little narrow in scope to me. But that said, this collection does what it advertises and provides some steamy, super sexy first time with a man experiences.


Spring Break Fever

Kevin has always felt a desire for men, but with the exception of one jerk off fantasy session, he has kept that part of himself bottled up. While on spring break with his fellow college students in Daytona Beach, Kevin meets Michael playing volleyball. The chemistry between them is intense, though Kevin tries to deny how he feels. But when Michael makes it clear that he wants Kevin just as much as Kevin wants him, Kevin finally gets to live out all the fantasies he has long been denying himself.

This story has just enough balance of plot to sex to keep it on the side of erotica romance versus pure erotica. We see that Kevin has long been denying his interest in men and refuses to let himself even think about being with a guy, with the exception of one hot jerk off session in high school. I would have liked to better understand just why Kevin is in so much denial, but it’s never addressed. When Michael and Kevin get together, it is super steamy and Kevin gets introduced to a wealth of fun ways two men can be together. We get a happy ending for the guys (though the story just jumps from their day together to a future for them) and this one is a nice way to start off the collection.

Business Class

Luke is trapped at the airport during a snowstorm and there are no flights out, no cabs, and no hotel rooms. He heads to the airport Admiral’s Club hoping they might be able to get him a hotel room, but has no luck. While killing time at the bar, Luke encounters a gorgeous man who instantly gets his attention, which is surprising considering Luke has never been attracted to a man before. But when Tyler invites Luke up to his room, he can’t resist taking the leap.

I’m a big fan of snowbound stories so I found the set up here fun. Luke is an executive just off a big deal. He is flush with money, but also exhausted and just wants to get home. But the spark with Tyler hits him hard and suddenly he is feeling smoldering attraction and can’t resist acting on it, despite being a little uncertain about his sudden interest in a man. Expect lots of sex and lots of frantic desire with a nice happy ending.


A man has known he is attracted to other men for years, but has never dared to act on it. That is, until one night at a bar with friends when he catches someone’s eye. Someone with whom he takes a chance, and has the most thrilling experience of his life.

This story is the shortest of the collection, but to me the most powerful. It is written in second person, which is a tense I virtually never see and one that is very effective here. It gives the sense the narrator is talking right to the reader and gives an urgency and intensity to the story that is really interesting. For example:

For the next hour, your gaze keeps tracking back to him. You can’t look away. You’ll jack off to him for months, storing up all these sights, all these images, these stolen moments where you weave a fantasy along.

It is just an interesting approach that makes for a unique story and I really enjoyed this one.

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