Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Isha keeps his feelings locked down. That is when he can even admit to himself that he has feelings. He has seen his close friends get paired off and can at least silently admit that he has some unnamed emotion at seeing how happy his friends are. Maybe it’s jealously and maybe it’s loneliness, but only Isha’s ex-wife knows that he is bisexual.

When Isha meets Jude, he barely knows how to react to the man who calls to him from the start. But Isha does hookups with no repeats and certainly doesn’t mix his personal life with those hookups. However, Jude is the one he can’t stop thinking about.

Jude is too busy trying to keep his business afloat to have time to reflect on being lonely. But when Isha becomes a frequent visitor to his reptile shop and starts to message him, Jude wants nothing more than to spend time with the well-polished man. The men are continually drawn to each other, but Jude has enough to deal with already without adding Isha not being out to his list. Both men will have to risk their hearts to admit that they may want a future together.

Garrett Leigh has a way with her characters and her words and I can easily be drawn into her books, especially this world she has created. We met Isha in a previous book in the Lucky series and know that he is close with Dom, Lucky, Cash, and Rae, although he is much more controlled and much more closed off. The relationship between Isha and Jude is new to this book, but the other characters from the series are visible as are links to a larger storyline and it definitely added something to have read the previous books.

Isha has spent most of his time working and he’s been successful. He was married and has two kids, and while he remans close to his ex-wife, their marriage wasn’t what either of them wanted in the long run. Isha is also realizing that he needs to be a better father, which is how he meets Jude as he has reluctantly been given the task of planning a birthday party for his son at Jude’s reptile shop. Leigh gets the chemistry right with these guys from the start. Isha is only used to meeting guys on hookup apps and doesn’t do so well making conversation, which is how the guys meet next as they hookup early on in the book. While they quickly crawl under each other’s skin, their relationship is guarded and rough from the start.

Jude’s business is struggling and some days his epilepsy makes everything that much more difficult. He can’t say no to a reptile in need, but his business is in financial trouble. Isha is a great distraction, but the man runs hot and cold and the mixed messages are not what Jude needs. The men, however, can’t stay away from each other and their physical relationship becomes all encompassing. Leigh does a great job capturing all of their emotions, from attraction and lust, to the confusion of trying to figure out what their next steps could possibly be. Isha has no idea how to be involved with someone and have them interact with his kids and he feels he can only have one or the other. Isha also has not had much true intimacy with men and Jude begins to break him down one step at a time, as Isha craves kissing Jude and struggles with waking up in the same bed as him for the first time.

The guys are both somewhat set in their ways and there is nothing easy about their relationship. With so much going on with them, including Isha struggles and Jude’s financial issues, this was not a relaxing read at times, but that speaks to Leigh’s ability to create realistic characters. But, the ending shows the men to have a great love for each other. If you enjoy Garrett Leigh’s writing and have enjoyed this series, you will want to check out another well written addition to this world.