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Length: Novel

Benjy’s father has brought him to the town of North Leland from the remote Hinterlands to find a mate. There aren’t many alphas in the Hinterlands and Benjy’s father thinks he has a better chance of getting claimed in North Leland. Once there, Benjy finds himself overwhelmed by life in town, particularly by the more liberal attitudes toward sex, as well as the support for omega rights. Everyone assures Benjy that he doesn’t need to be “claimed,” but in fact, he can choose his own mate — or none at all.

Benjy is shown around town by JT, a fellow omega who is unmated and enjoys casual sex with a variety of partners. Not only does JT offer to let Benjy stay with him until he gets on his feet, but he also offers to introduce Benjy to all the best alphas as possible mates. In the meantime, attraction flares between the two omegas and they indulge in a lot of sexual experimentation that delights Benjy.

The more time the men spend together, the more Benjy realizes he isn’t so sure he wants an alpha after all. In fact, he just may be falling for an omega instead. But Benjy doesn’t think that JT is interested in anything serious with him, not to mention he knows his father is expecting him to find an alpha to mate. Now Benjy must share his feelings with JT and figure out if there is a real chance they can be together for good.

Omega Released is a sweet and sexy story that I found a lot of fun. There is a nice fish-out-of-water vibe here, both in the fact that Benjy is somewhat of a country mouse in the big city, but also that he is used to totally different cultural norms. I enjoyed watching him just bloom as he realizes how big a world has now opened up to him, and that he can have things he wants, rather than focus solely on his father’s expectations. Tanya Chris has built a world that is a bit of a twist on the typical omegaverse, with a nice spin on omega rights and equality, which I enjoyed.

This story is very sex heavy, but there is also a playfulness here. JT is just so full of life and his energy and enthusiasm help Benjy to open up even more. These guys are really sweet together in the way they take care of each other. The dual omega dynamic is an interesting one and I found them a fun couple. The story is told solely from Benjy’s POV and I do feel like I missed getting into JT’s head. As Benjy starts to have feelings for JT, it was unclear to me what JT was feeling in return. There are enough hints that JT is stalling somewhat in finding Benjy an alpha mate, but it is hard to know what he is feeling about Benjy and their relationship until pretty far into the book.

Omega Released is the third book in the Omega Reimagined series, and while I haven’t read the first two, I had no problem jumping in here. The other MCs all make an appearance here and live in the same town, so I definitely think you will get something out of being familiar with their stories. But I enjoyed this one as a standalone and had no trouble at all following along when starting here.

So overall I found this one fun, sexy, and charming. I enjoyed Chris’ omegaverse world and would keep my eyes open for future installments.

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