Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Sometimes you can find love in the most unlikely of places and that was what happened to Weston when he met his now ex-wife, Ava. When the challenges of life had Ava turning more towards voodoo until it became the most important thing in her life, the woman Weston fell in love with seemed to no longer exist. Ava wasn’t at all pleased when Weston stated he wanted a divorce and, as a parting gift, Ava cursed him. Now, Weston cannot lie and as a hitman, that’s a dangerous position to be in.

Weston’s life is fairly out of control as his friends and family aren’t speaking to him since they took Ava’s side and his finances need a serious infusion. His handler offers him what should be an easy job, one that only requires surveillance. All Weston has to do is tail Eli and see if he is talking about an incident he witnessed at his job with the Coast Guard.

There is more to Eli than Weston thinks at first and their attraction comes easily. Weston knows he’s off his game and he shouldn’t be involved with a mark, but there may be more out there looking to take down both Weston as well as Eli. For the second time, love may find Weston in the least likely of places.

For a book about voodoo and curses and a hitman, this story was more entertaining and lighter than I thought given the heavier tone of the blurb. Weston is a professional hitman, but he is off his game. His marriage ended and his ex-wife is set on revenge as she placed a voodoo curse on him and Weston finds himself unable to lie.

This book really captured my attention and held it all of the way through the book as I found myself reading it quickly to see what would happen next to these men. But I was also conflicted as there are so many plot points that are not fully explored and many loose ends not tied up at the end.

Weston and Eli were a lot of fun together. They are attracted to each other first and then realize they enjoy being with each other as well. Weston likes a partner he can dominate and he thinks that’s who Eli is, but Eli surprises him in and out of the bedroom. It’s touched on that Weston has a lot of internalized issues about roles in the bedroom due to his upbringing, but there isn’t a lot of exploration or resolution to it.

The book moves fast and there is plenty of action. Weston moves from doing recon on Eli to wanting to protect him. We also learn both of their stories through flashbacks. We get the story of Weston’s relationship with his ex-wife, as well as Eli’s story of what put him on the radar of a hitman to begin with.

My issues are mostly that there was too much that was started and then left open. Let’s start with Eli. He has an issue at work and while we do learn what happened, there is no resolution to what Eli’s next move will be at work. Eli is also not out to his friends or even his roommate. It’s touched on that Eli’s roommate is acting differently and may be attracted to him, but then that story line doesn’t go anywhere either. His ex is also a close friend and their relationship was introduced with a lot of layers that needed unraveling but weren’t. Weston had so much going on with him. The story with Ava just needed more as by the end Ava became a caricature. I’m still not sure if Weston was actually cursed, only thought he was cursed, or if the curse was lifted by the end of the book. His inability to lie worked at the start, but it didn’t play that prominently into the rest of the story. Also, Weston is a hitman speaking to his handler fairly out in the open on a regular cell phone discussing million-dollar hits. Weston also talks about his money issues, but is pulling in millions. At one point, Weston is seriously hurt and there were issues that came up at the hospital that threw up red flags. While his injuries are referred to and it is mentioned he is in pain, he continues running around town (literally) and with the extent of the injuries we are told about this shouldn’t have been possible and we are not shown him resting even for one day. Weston also has family issues that are mentioned and we see flashbacks on this as well, but there is nothing further on that either by the end of the book.

Still, I was eager to read on as Weston and Eli were intriguing characters. The book then didn’t seem to end for me. Eli makes barely a response when he learns that Weston is a hitman and there was so much left open as far as the larger story arc. This book is not listed as being the start of a series and at the end I still remain conflicted on the overall pace of this book. I always take a look when this author has a new book and I do enjoy the author’s writing style and while I really liked the characters of Weston and Eli, there was too much that was started but then not explored.