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Length: Novel

Cooper Dayton and Oliver Park are headed home for Park’s grandfather’s funeral. This is the first time that Cooper has met any of Park’s family, and he is definitely worried about how that will go, but he is also determined to be there to support Park. Park has been fairly estranged from his family since he left the pack, but Park’s grandfather mostly raised him and Cooper knows the funeral will be difficult.

What Cooper doesn’t expect is the Park family’s reaction to him, nor to be so unaware of all the rules and politics surrounding wolf life. While Cooper and Park may be in love, Cooper soon realizes just how little Park has shared about being a wolf. Cooper has never even seen him shift, and there is a whole world of customs and traditions that are totally beyond him. What’s worse is that Park’s family is quite clear that they don’t think Cooper can ever be right for Park, and Cooper begins to wonder if maybe they are correct given how little Park has shared and how poorly Cooper seems to fit into their world.

Even as Cooper tries to sort out his relationship with Park, things are complicated by some mysterious scientists, suspicions about Park’s grandfather’s death, and infighting among the local packs. It is clear that there is a lot more happening here than Cooper and Park ever expected, and getting to the bottom of it won’t be easy, especially as bodies start piling up. While Cooper wants to go through proper channels to solve the mystery, Park is convinced that this is a wolf matter and there are politics at play that Cooper and the BSI couldn’t understand. Park must finally open up to Cooper about his past and his life as a wolf, and the two men have to work together if they are going to be able to find the killers and prevent more bloodshed.

Thrown to the Wolves is the third book in Charlie Adhara’s Big Bad Wolf series and I just loved it. I am such a fan of this series, as it combines great world building, exciting mystery and suspense, and a fabulous couple in Park and Cooper. What I particularly love is the way Adhara has built upon each book to really explore both the relationship and more about each of these men individually. In The Wolf at the Door, we are in Cooper’s POV as he starts to really learn more about the world of wolves, far beyond what he was taught at his job at the BSI. We also get the start of the relationship as these men begin to fall for one another. Then, in The Wolf at Bay, we move to Cooper’s hometown and delve much deeper into his character and backstory. Now, in this third book, the men break down those final walls as Park opens up to Cooper more about his past and his life as a wolf. We have gotten little seeds planted along the way to lead us so nicely to this point, and I love how it is all explored here. Park is so controlled, so seemingly perfect, but he is also been afraid to let Cooper really see him. So I loved how here we get that last layer peeled back and these men open up fully to one another.

Adhara writes great mystery and the books balance the suspense end with the personal and supernatural. In this story we dig deeper into exactly what happened with Park’s grandfather, as well as other mysterious events that indicate that there is a deeper plot and a variety of players. I don’t want to get into too much detail for fear of spoilers, but I liked the way Adhara ties it all together with the bigger issue of pack politics, family, and Cooper’s fish out of water experience when visiting Park’s family. I don’t think the mystery here is quite as developed as in the first two books, and I will say I did find a few things about how it all comes together a bit confusing. But I also think the mystery plays really nicely into the bigger personal issues the guys are struggling with and I think that makes it all work well.

This book left me with such a warm, yummy feeling about Park and Cooper. They have been a great couple all along, but this story just really crystalizes how they are meant for one another. I loved finally getting to know more about Park’s past and seeing Park and Cooper work through their struggles and come out stronger. They have become a team that can face anything, and Adhara just makes you feel all that love between them so clearly. I was so happy reading this book and loved seeing these guys move forward together. I am not clear if this is the end for the series, but I am crossing fingers there is more to come because I am a huge fan, and can definitely recommend these books highly.

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