Rating: 5 stars
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Length: Novella

Once again, Roe Horvat manages to give us a novella that is packed with emotional connection and teaming with erotic sensuality. Adam Only is the second in Horvat’s Those Other Books series and it is an incredibly rich character study between two total opposite men who find common ground through both their physical desires and the identical need for inner healing. For Christoffer, the fact that he is overly endowed has made sex with his partners either uneasy due to their being unable to handle anal sex with him or embarrassing because he often feels like a freak and unlovable due to the fact that most men never stick around to get to know the real him. Therefore, it is almost like a dream come true when Adam not only wants to be filled by Christoffer, but craves it—never shying away, but loving every moment. This truth, along with Adam’s outer beauty and the passion Adam has for everything he does, draws Christoffer to him. Adam may leave like all the others, but hopefully, just maybe, he might stay and let himself be loved.

Adam was raised being told that everything about him was dirty and wrong. When he left his home at the age of sixteen, he fell into one abusive relationship after another—abusive in that either the man wanted a pet to control and show off or someone to use, but never really love. Adam doesn’t just crave sex; when he allows himself to really feel, he needs it like the air he breathes. He tries to pour all his pain into his dancing, but it so often spills into everything he does. When Adam goes home with Christoffer from a party he has been dancing at, he knows that it is a dangerous thing to do. Christoffer is so kind and caring, all of the defenses Adam has built around his heart begin to crumble and he recognizes the old Adam, the one who craves sex and domination, but never wants to be someone’s possession. He wants to be consumed and give over all control in the bedroom, but not anywhere else. Can Christoffer actually be the one who finally can understand the maelstrom of emotions that exist inside Adam’s heart and mind?

Yes, friends, the sex is plentiful and steamy, but the moments that connect the sexual scenes are just as masterful and intense. In so little page time, the author manages to give us a clear picture of what drives both men and how they have coped with the fact that they have never had a partner that saw the real them and understood the boundaries and needs they both have. Adam Only is much more than just erotica; it is a journey of two people who meet at a very real and visceral level and discover that they are electric together and their passions run on a totally similar track despite their age difference and their dissimilar personalities. What Christoffer and Adam find is a perfect match in each other—one who craves safety and one who desires to give it.

I’ve used the word ‘crave’ a lot in this review and I think it best sums up why this novella is so strong and successful. Adam Only both acknowledges that we all have hidden desires and that we also have cravings that drive us and make us who we are. With no shame and no excuses or apologies, author Roe Horvat draws back the curtain on those inner desires and makes the important statement that no craving is wrong, only people who judge others for their needs are wrong. It is an important distinction and why these books are so successful and amazing.