Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Note: Angel is the third book in the Fallen Angel series and is not intended to be read as a standalone.

After Viper publicly declares his love for Halo, Viper finds himself in a relationship and Halo finds himself with a boyfriend and they are both in uncharted territory. But the men would not have it any other way. In fact, they have everything they wanted and everything they had no idea that they wanted at all—a successful band, an upcoming world tour, and each other.

With Halo being new to the music world and Viper already having been part of one of the most successful rock bands ever, the men could find themselves at different places, but Viper is as jazzed for Halo’s rise to fame as Halo is for himself. Halo cannot believe this is now his life, and it will be up to the two of them to make it last forever.

This book opens with a style that I really enjoy as it picks up directly where the previous book ended. Viper has publicly admitted his feelings for Halo and has laid claim to the man that he never saw coming. The band is getting ready for their world tour and has taken over the music world. The guys thought that after Trent left TBD their music career was over, but Halo has brought so much to their world, especially to Viper. Given what Viper and Halo go through, with Halo never having been with a man before and Viper never wanting to have a relationship, this is a smooth story that evolves between the men. There is not much drama and little angst and this book adds to and deepens all areas of their relationship.

The guys are on fire together. They have serious chemistry and Viper, who can be crass and volatile, is so sweet on Halo. The way he reacts to Halo and loves Halo is so different from the Viper everyone knows and Viper is all the better for it. He’s in a relationship, which he thinks should scare him, but it doesn’t, and Halo has a boyfriend, and he thinks that should scare him, but it doesn’t. These guys get each other as they speak the same language in their careers and their love for music and that carries over into their love for each other.

This book is more focused on the relationship and characters than on a larger plot. The evolution of the band and their relationship is a priority and the guys are moving to the next stage within both areas and we see a lot of day to day stuff—rock star style of course—but it was great to read a book with captivating characters that build a relationship with little to get in their way. Usually I am all about the angst and thrive on the tension within a plot, but I liked seeing these guys just be in awe of each other, and we get to see plenty of intimate and heated moments between the pair.

The series will still go on with Killian in the next book and it doesn’t seem like he will have as easy of a time with his love interest. The Fallen Angel series offers a dose of rock star romance with heat and chemistry that is certainly worthy of an encore.