Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Andy cannot believe that the one thing he wanted most is actually his. Chance Wyrick is his boyfriend. The guys met when they were kids and were the best of friends for years. When Chance couldn’t handle his growing feelings for Andy, he shut him out. As the guys reconnected in college, the chemistry, attraction, and long-standing friendship was just as strong as it ever was.

The guys have become inseparable once again, but this time they are all in. Well, at least in private, because Chance is not out. The guys spend all of their time together during break, but they both know the real world will come crashing in soon enough. Andy does not hide who he is, but he agrees to keep their relationship secret as he would do anything for Chance. Chance is just coming to terms with being gay and has no idea how to navigate his relationship with Andy, being the quarterback on the college football team, and his disapproving pastor father. He knows he wants Andy forever, but when Andy wants more and Chance takes him for granted one too many times, Chance has to reevaluate what he wants or risk losing Andy.

Catching Chance follows the story of Andy and Chance, which began in Chasing Chance and is best read in order, as it is the continuation of their story. It is a second-chance romance of sorts, or more of a second-chance at friendship with a romantic relationship then added on for the men. Andy and Chance just got together in a relationship at the end of book one after repairing their friendship, and this book deepens their bond. This book also takes us through them navigating a relationship in public when Chance is not out.

There is no doubt that the men want to be together as they explore intimacy together and Chance is brought into the group of Andy’s friends and lets a few people know about their relationship. His biggest fear is that his father will find out, but their relationship has been strained for years, and Chance has a lot to work through. The bottom line for Chance is that he is scared and he then makes bad decisions that hurt Andy. Andy is willing to compromise a lot for Chance, but he has his limits, and Andy, as well as his friends, stand up for him.

The book moves at a good pace. For each hurdle the guys have to work through, it is addressed as Andy and Chance truly want to be together. I liked that aspect, for as much as they had to work through, there wasn’t unreasonable drama that kept them apart. The storyline with Chance’s father was the weakest aspect for me, and by the end, for as much as it affected Chance’s life, it came across as surface drama to me.

The guys do have issues to work through, but mostly the book explores their deep friendship and growing intimacy and there is never a doubt the two belong together as their years of friendship deepens into love. This book concludes Andy and Chance’s main story, but the series will continue with Cam’s story and a preview is offered at the end that already has my attention.