Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

George Fenchurch is facing a crossroads. His husband of 20 years has left him for a new life with a wife and a baby. He lost his job and has been living with his brother, Andrew, and working at Andrew’s architecture firm. George is about to turn 50 and feels uncertain about himself and where his life is going. When Andrew hires him a sexy, silver fox escort as a birthday gift, at first George is wary, but Silver is gorgeous and warm and kind and George decides to just let go and enjoy his night.

As it turns out, the men find they have not just a hot night of sex together, but a companionship that intrigues them both. But while Silver would like to pursue something more outside of business between them, George is not ready. He is still coping with the loss of his old life and Silver represents all the new and shiny things he would love to have, but isn’t sure are still in the cards at this stage of his life.

The men move on with their lives, but they are never out of each other’s thoughts. And soon they find that their lives are intertwining in unexpected ways that bring them back together. Both George and Silver are hoping for a chance at more together, but when a job goes bad and Silver is in danger, George will have to fight for the man he has grown to care about and for the chance at a relationship between them.

I am a huge Harper Fox fan and I was particularly excited to see this new book from her that features some 50-year-old heroes, something quite rare in this genre. I really enjoyed this book, particularly the interesting way the story is structured. It is divided into three sections, each focusing on a different client of Silver’s. The first part is George’s night with Silver and it is where the men meet and form their connection. Even though George is wary about getting involved in anything more serious, it is clear that there is a spark between these men that they would both love to pursue further. The next two parts feature two additional clients, but George is always present in the background and the interactions with these clients do connect back to the relationship between Silver and George. So it is kind of non-traditional structure, but one that I found made for a really interesting story. Obviously, you have to be ok with Silver having sex with other men, though it is not really shown on page. However, we do get much more depth on Silver’s interaction with his second client, a trans friend and coworker of George’s, which is important as it ties into the larger story.

The book also has an interesting POV structure. In George’s POV, we are in first person. This is the viewpoint we get most of the time the guys are together, which gives a nice sense of immediacy and energy to their interactions. Silver’s POV is third person, and we are in his view when he is with other clients or away from George. So it makes a nice contrast that I think works well to tie the men together with more intensity and then show more distance when they are separated. My only issue here is that the chapters are not labeled with the changing POVs and I sometimes needed a moment to reorient myself as I realized we were switching between them.

I really enjoyed these men together and they are both just such good, decent guys. We can feel the instant connection between them, and I loved them both realizing that this could grow into something more. I particularly like how open and accepting George is of Silver being a sex worker and he isn’t shy about letting people know that’s how they met, nor does he expect Silver to stop working just because they are pursuing a relationship. I do think things happen really fast between them, however. They are basically together for a night and with only moderate further interaction, pretty much fall in love at first sight. I wish there was more time to see their relationship develop, as well as to see them together once they finally are reunited as a couple toward the end of the book. I also felt like I had trouble getting a sense of the passage of time, as it often seemed like long periods had gone by, but other times like things only had taken a few days. For example, we see George (very ttiny spoiler)

buy a house and already be living in it,
which has to have taken at least a couple of weeks, but it seems like only a day or two has gone by when Silver comes to visit him.

Overall, I found this one an incredibly enjoyable and satisfying read. I really appreciated the older heroes, as well as the unique structure that kept the book fresh and interesting. I loved George and Silver and this story has a lot of warmth and love. If you are looking for something a bit non-traditional with a great story and really likable heroes, definitely check this one out.