Rating: 5 stars
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Length: Novel

Gideon Ramsay is a famous actor who is spiraling out of control. He abuses alcohol and drugs and lives a wild, selfish life that hides how miserable he is deep down inside. Gideon’s agent, Frankie, has made it clear that coming out as gay would be the end of his acting career. Between Gideon’s increasing frustration from being in the closet, and his feelings of being lonely and unwanted, Gideon is doing all he can to dull the pain. But when Gideon gets critically ill from his chaotic lifestyle, his brother Milo steps in and insists Gideon get help.

Milo hires nurse Eli Jones to help Gideon with his recovery. Eli is everything Gideon is not — caring, warm, and with a sunny disposition. He also has no problem handling Gideon’s grumpiness or snark and has plenty of bossiness to keep Gideon in line. As the two men get to know one another, Gideon finds himself falling hard for Eli. As it turns out, Eli’s caring and acceptance brings out the best in Gideon. He trusts that he can be his true self with Eli and it gives Gideon a sense of peace that he hasn’t had in a long time.

While Eli is Gideon’s nurse, the two men have to keep things platonic between them, but once Gideon has recovered, it gives the men a chance to explore a romantic relationship. Gideon is clean and sober and happier than he has ever been. But Gideon is still deeply in the closet and he worries about how coming out will affect his career. Even worse, he wonders if Eli will really stand by him if he doesn’t come out, or he will be just the latest person to abandon Gideon. Now that the men have fallen for one another, they have to figure out if there is a way they can have a future together.

Gideon is the third book in Lily Morton’s incredible Finding Home series and I just adored everything about it. Just about every time I read a book by Morton I feel like it’s my new favorite. Each time I think I couldn’t possibly love the new book as much as the last, but I constantly find myself charmed and delighted by her wonderful mix of swoony romance, great character development, and entertaining humor.

We met Gideon in the last book, Milo, and to be honest, he isn’t really a likable guy. Gideon is selfish and self absorbed, and though it is clear by the end that he truly loves his brother, we definitely see the darker side of Gideon in that story. What Morton does so well here is not just give Gideon a redemption tale, but really help us understand what has brought Gideon to this point and the demons that he faces. Even better, this book lets us see the real man behind the facade, to get to know the true Gideon as he falls for Eli and trusts him enough to expose his true self. I couldn’t help but feel for Gideon, a man who was essentially neglected by his family and left to always feel unwanted. When his agent made Gideon feel special and showed him attention for the first time in his life, it was all too easy to follow Frankie’s lead, even when it makes him miserable. Gideon is tired of living a lie, but Frankie has convinced him he has no choice, and it is clearly tearing Gideon apart. Watching him with Eli, we see Gideon slowly come to realize that he can have more, that people can love him for who he is, and even if they can’t, that he deserves better than his current life. I found it wonderfully moving to watch Gideon come into his own throughout this book and realize he deserves love, and to find it with Eli.

This series is called Finding Home and that very much captures the spirit of these books. The Cornish estate Chi an Mor has become a literal home to Silas, Oz, Milo, and Niall, but it also becomes a place where Gideon is able to truly find himself. Not only that, but to find that sense of family that he has always been missing. While Milo and Gideon are brothers, all six men create a found family and a connection among each other. It was so much fun to revisit all of these men again here. They are full of sass and snark and constantly giving each other a hard time, but there is such as sense of warmth and heart in their interactions. This last book not only gives us Gideon and Eli’s stories, but it ties up the series really nicely.

So Lily Morton has done it once again and I just adored this story. It is everything I could want from a romance and I couldn’t put it down. I can highly recommend this entire series and I know it will be one I come back to time and again.