Story Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.75 stars

Narrator: Greg Boudreaux
Length: 7 hours, 42 minutes

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Eduardo “Lucky” Morales is a former Special Forces Green Beret who is part owner of Four Kings Security. His specialty is logistics, and finding a bed partner at a moment’s notice. He has a sweet spot for his cousin Ace’s ex, Mason Cooper. They had a brief tryst, but it’s been months since then—and Mason was kind of a jerk about calling out Lucky for his “promiscuity.”

Mason has been recently promoted to police detective, but a glitch with his cough meds and a mandatory drug test puts Mason on administrative leave. Unable to sit at home and wait out his appeal, he reaches out to Four Kings to see if he can have a short-term position. And, he’s assigned to Lucky’s crew. If Mason thought they could keep it professional, he is disabused of that notion on their first assignment…and yeah it’s HAWT—if a little questionable. These guys go bareback from the start.

They unexpectedly mesh, both on duty and off, so much so that Lucky’s scared Mason will break his heart, like Ace’s. It’s a gamble, but Lucky and Mason seem to be completely falling for one another. Unfortunately, Mason has a big secret about his family and his past, and it eats him alive. It was the reason he couldn’t confide in Ace, but he might be able to trust Lucky, right?

The narrator, Greg Boudreaux, does a great job with pacing and voices in this audiobook. Lucky’s Cuban accent never sounds forced, and his Spanish is authentically rendered. Mason’s cowboy drawl was spot on. Much of the story is between Lucky and Mason, but there are many side characters that thread through the other stories in the Four Kings Security series and they all sound consistent. The advent of new characters always brings a new voice, and I was easily able to distinguish one from the other.

Mason’s mysterious past comes back to increase the conflict late in the story and triggers the climax. I loved listening as the tension rose and Mason confronted his worst fears, while also shielding Lucky from the danger. Lucky isn’t willing to leave Mason to chance, however, and they both work to amicably settling a hostage standoff. The end has a neat twist that helps Mason atone for his past that caused years of trauma for himself and a long-lost friend. Looks like there will be more adventures and another new face around Four Kings.

The Epilogue is a wrap of a lingering sub-plot that began in Love in Spades and carried through Be Still My Heart. It was cathartic to hear it, and I loved the comeuppance filthy Barry experiences. We also get a preview of the next book in the series, which features the stalwart Ward Kingston on a special ops rescue mission, and possibly losing his heart in the process.