Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Carter meets Tanner under less than stellar circumstances. Naked, with his foot trapped by an unruly floorboard, Carter requires rescuing by his new contractor. Despite their embarrassing beginning, both men find a genuine connection almost from the start. Of course, life in a small town tends to bring out the gossips and it’s not too long before people in Kirkby are wondering what might be happening between the sweet vet and the construction worker.

Amidst meetings with family, well meaning busy bodies, and a homophobic boss, Tanner and Scott discover that communication and trust in one another are the key to their relationship. But only time will tell if they’ve built the foundation of something meant to last.

Let Me Show You is a sweet, but rather ordinary, everyday romance between two men from different backgrounds. The writing is strong enough and while the pacing is a tad slow, the story has a smooth, relative easiness to it that I appreciated. There are no huge dramas here. Instead, we see the romance between Tanner and Scott evolve naturally and with a casual sweetness that seems to suit both main characters. Tanner and Scott aren’t fully dimensional though and they felt a shade flat, but they certainly aren’t without some definition. I’d say there’s enough for most readers to find a connection with one or both of them.

On the whole, Let Me Show You was a bit boring. It’s a perfectly serviceable story, but it never seemed to go anywhere. Everything plays out exactly as you’d expect, from the romance itself to the resolution with the homophobic boss. There just wasn’t much here that I could sink my teeth into. It was all very commonplace. And while that isn’t bad per se, Let Me Show You didn’t have enough of anything to make a solid impression on me. That said, the genuine sweetness between Tanner and Scott saves the book from becoming forgettable.

Let Me Show You is fine. Just fine. There’s nothing surprising or shocking here and there’s no real angst to twist things up. The couple is relatively sweet and while I would have preferred the book have a bit more emotional depth, for those of you who want a straightforward happily ever after, you’ll probably enjoy Let Me Show You. It just didn’t do much for me.

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