Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Detective Joe Brady has discovered his partner, Bob Murdoch, is running a “protection” racket on local drug dealers. When Joe confronts Bob, he’s shot in the shoulder, thrown off a cliff, and left for dead. When he wakes up, Joe sees a beautiful, blond angel. That angel is actually off duty paramedic, Riley Peterson, and his dog, Champ (who sniffed Joe out).

Soon, Joe is in the hospital recovering from his injuries and telling his colleagues about Bob and what Bob is up to. When Riley stops by to see how Joe is doing, there is an instant connection and that connection continues to grow. Their road to love isn’t smooth, though, with danger from Murdoch and a stalker ex on their backs. Can Joe and Riley get past these dangerous issues and begin their lives as a couple?

I love cop romances, especially if they’re exciting. I got that with Love on the Rocks. I think the characters were nicely written and fleshed out. The dangerous situations they were placed in are compelling and tense, and they’re also conceivable. They seem quite realistic, and I can see myself reading about such things in the news.

I love Joe and Riley as a couple. They have a nice “insta-love” vibe to them, and I’m always a bit charmed about that. Joe is a tough cop, but he’s downright sweet with Riley. Riley is an excellent paramedic, with a relaxed personality. My favorite thing? They love their dogs! Champ and Barney actually play a significant role in the story. They bond with each other as Joe and Riley bond. It’s charming and helps to “humanize” their characters.

As I mentioned, I believe the situations revolving around Joe and Riley are written well and could actually be a reality. Since these situations are in the blurb, I don’t feel like I’m giving anything away by saying Joe is still in danger from Murdoch, even after he’s in prison, and Riley has an ex who has turned into a stalker…one who is a very credible threat. The author seems to have done quite a bit of research into police and medical procedures. Thanks to this, Love on the Rocks easily kept my attention well after my bedtime.

I have to say I am completely impressed with the way Bowie brings both Joe and Riley’s stories together. It comes out of the blue and is a pleasant surprise. It’s scary, but there is a hint of humor. I feel that takes some skill…balancing terror with giggles.

The ending is satisfying and very sexy. It’s also neat and tidy. I am left with smiles and warm, fuzzy feelings. I highly recommend Love on the Rocks, especially for fans of cop stories and sweet (but hot) insta-love.