Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Mish Sullivan finally has the life of her dreams. As the bass player for the band Twisted Wishes, she has money, fame, and a found family with her band members. Mish hasn’t wanted a serious relationship, but as her band members find their partners, she can’t help but feel a longing. Being in the spotlight has its downside too and Mish has attracted the attention of a stalker. Mish is fiercely independent and when she finds herself having to alter her life to stay safe, she begins to crack. When things escalate, the band hires her a bodyguard and that only further escalates the idea of Mish losing her independence.

David Altet is now out of the Army and hired for security for Twisted Wishes, and specifically Mish. David is now comfortable living as a trans man and his connection and attraction to Mish is all consuming. David knows that a relationship with Mish will only distract him from his work, but the pair cannot resist each other and they develop a deep friendship surrounded by hot nights. But, when the stalker continues his pursuit, David has to focus on keeping Mish safe and can’t see how their lives will ever mesh, however Mish certainly isn’t ready to let David go.

Reverb is the third book in the Twisted Wishes series. Mish has appeared in the first two books and David is new to the series. While their relationship stands alone, all of the other MCs are present and many references are made to previous situations. This book also showcases how incredibly close the band is and I appreciated knowing all the connections.

Mish is a strong female lead character. In the world of rock and roll, she can hold her own and has found something special with the guys in the band. She came from a more difficult childhood and no longer has any close relatives, but the band fills that void. I really enjoyed how Zabo showcases the found family the band has become and that is an integral part of the story. It’s not easy to be included in that closeness, but David fits in perfectly with them.

The relationship between Mish and David really worked for me. There is instant chemistry, along with the hesitation that David needs to stay focused on his job, but the chemistry between them wins out. David is as independent as Mish and together they could either make the perfect pair or they could get in their own way. Mish is certain about David and is all in and while David knows that Mish is his perfect match, he needs to feel useful and not like a band groupie and he lets his own doubts come through.

We get a little on David’s backstory and I liked being in his head. He’s secure with who he is as a trans man, but still has some insecurities that flare up. However, I would have liked even more backstory on him and all that he went through to get to know him a little more. The security angle was also a little lax for me. Mish has a stalker and they hire one guy, David, to run security for the entire band. They then rely on venue security during shows. This wasn’t nearly enough and for a band at their level with threats being made, there should have been an entire security team. The stalker storyline runs around the edges of the book. The stalker keeps trying to get closer to Mish and it’s making everyone off balance. The actual stalker here was not on page much, but in the end, the reveal of the stalker was a little lackluster for me, as well as what the stalker’s end game was.

The relationship between Mish and David was the draw here and this book was a welcome addition to this series. It showcased their growing feelings for each other, as well as their insecurities, and they made a great pair. I also enjoyed seeing the entire band again and the close relationship they have all created with each other. Look for Reverb for a contemporary rock star romance where all the characters find a family and a home.