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Length: Novel

Kyle and Aidan have been together about six months, having extended their contract after the first few months went well. Kyle knows that he wants things to be more serious with Aidan; in fact, Kyle is ready for a major commitment, but he isn’t sure about Aidan’s feelings. Kyle is worried talking about it could ruin the remainder of their contract, so he is determined to wait until it’s closer to the end before bringing up his desire to make things long term between them. When commitments mean that the guys have to be separated for the first time, it may just be the push they need to realize they are truly meant for one another.

To Love and to Cherish is the third book in the Enchanting Encounters series, which has followed Kyle and Aidan since the start of their relationship (actually before as Kyle spent a lot of time trying to get Aidan’s attention before they got together). Readers familiar with these guys from earlier books will probably enjoy this one more, but I think those new to the series could jump in here fairly easily.

The relationship between Kyle and Aidan has progressed nicely over the course of the three books and I think Eradani has handled the pacing well. Things are continuing to get more serious, and while Kyle knows he is ready for more commitment, he is wary of bringing it up to Aidan. But we can really see the way things have grown for them, both in the depth of their emotions for each other, but also in the way they have learned what the other likes and needs. There are some steamy scenes here, but also a nice sense of two men who have grown together and really built something between them.

The stories are all from Kyle’s POV and I have noted in past reviews that this can make Aidan harder to know and a little more distant. In this book, we are still in Kyle’s head, but we get a lot more time to see these men interact outside of scenes in ways that show Aidan’s feelings more clearly. While Kyle is still uncertain, as a reader I felt like I could get a better sense than in earlier books about Aidan’s feelings and viewpoint, even though we are not in his head. This series is still very much led by Kyle, but there was enough of Aidan that it feels more balanced and I liked seeing their interaction on page beyond just their hot sex together.

This third book nicely moves things forward for the men in their relationship and brings them to a good place. I am not sure if there are more planned for this couple, but I am enjoying seeing their relationship build and their connection strengthen through each story.

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