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Length: Novel

Brantley and his best friend, Matt, are out for a night at the movies when Matt is shot by a robber at a gas station. Brant needs to grieve, but he sets his own feelings aside so he can be there for Matt’s husband, Travis. He’s exhausted and shocked, and Brant wants to help with all the arrangements so Travis doesn’t need to do anything. Thankfully, Travis’ best friend, Lex, arrives and, sensing Brant’s distress, promptly puts him to bed and takes on some of the burden.

Lex is a cop who drops everything to come and help Travis, even though he hasn’t been able to spend much time with him since Travis and Matt were married. When Travis arrives, he comes face to face with Brant. Even though Lex doesn’t remember Brant from the wedding, he feels an attraction almost immediately.

Brand and Lex find their way to each other despite their grief. Their fall was fast, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Neither man has been this serious about anyone before, and they have some kinks to work out. Now the question is whether the men can get past their issues and make their relationship work.

Ammo and Enchiladas is the follow up to another great book in the Border Crossing seriesBombs and GuacamoleWhen I got the opportunity to review this one, there was no doubt I wanted to read it and B.A. Tortuga has written an awesome second installment. I love the way she breathed life into Brant and Lex. These guys were real. Their grief, their exhaustion, their need to be there for Travis…it’s all so well written. The dialogue is natural and smooth. I’m not sure if I’d classify this as insta-love, but it’s close. That also feels real. It never gives off the feeling of a “quicky” situation. These guys are in it all the way.

Brant and Lex are good men. They’re noble and supportive, both with Travis and with each other. They’re both very strong. Brant is a nurse who had served in the military, and Lex is a cop, so they’ve been through a lot of stressful situations. In fact, Lex played a pretty important role in Bombs and Guacamole. I don’t want to give anything away, but that was very stressful. I also love the absolute dedication Brant and Lex have to their friends and each other. These guys are just so easy to like and root for.

I want to take a moment to talk about the romance aspect of Ammo and Enchiladas. It’s a beautiful love story. Their chemistry is off the charts, and it was palpable as soon as Lex walked into Travis’ house and met Brant. They’re sweet together, and their affection toward each other is very nearly adorable. They have a great sexual chemistry as well. Tortuga has a way with love scenes. They’re hot, but not over the top, and there’s just enough of that heat. It doesn’t overwhelm the story, it simply enhances it.

Despite the way it opens, Ammo and Enchiladas is more of a character-driven story rather than action oriented. In fact, It seems it’s more about the love between Brant and Lex. I like this very much. Yes, the shooting is being investigated. Yes, Brant worries a lot about Lex, but there’s no stakeouts, chases, or any other type of scene that could distract from the relationship between the men.

There is only one real conflict in the book and, once again, Tortuga has done a nice job with it. Brant does become very nervous about Lex’s job. He becomes very afraid for him. Also, because Lex wants to become a detective, he works more than his shifts. He trails other detectives so he can learn as much as possible before taking the exam. This means they have more time apart than together, and there is very little communication between the men. This is also a very real situation. There are ups and downs with every couple. Communication is key, and when it’s lost their relationship suffers.

All in all, Ammo and Enchiladas is a pretty awesome book. As I mentioned, it’s the second installment in the Border Crossing series, but it can be read as a standalone. There is plenty  of exposition to be had. However, I am going to recommend reading the first book, Bombs and Guacamole…not because you need  to, but because it’s an excellent book on its own. I highly recommend this one. Definitely pick it up!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.