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Flip is in a quandary. He needs a date to a ball. As the crowned prince Antoine-Phillipe of the small country of Lyngria, Flip is the host of a charity ball, among many other things. But he doesn’t have a date, and he knows if he doesn’t bring someone, the already cruel press will have a field day. Not to mention, everyone he meets there would turn into a dating service. But when Brayden sits next to him on the flight from Paris to Lyngria, Flip has the perfect answer.

Brayden Wood is a Canadian flight attendant who knows Antoine-Phillipe as one of his frequent flyers on the regular flight from Toronto to Paris. But he has no idea the jet setting attractive man is the crowned prince of a small country. Brayden is just looking forward to his winter vacation in Lyngria. But when Flip asks him to the ball, he thinks it sounds like a fun endeavor.

But what starts as just one date, and one date only, quickly changes. Flip’s family thinks he’s got a new boyfriend and he doesn’t correct them, and so that’s how they are introduced, which begins a feeding frenzy with the gossip and news sites. To save face, the two agree to keep up their pretend relationship for the length of Brayden’s stay. Except the chemistry between them is too big to ignore. And feelings become involved. Now if they can just get past their own hang ups, Flip and Brayden can have a fairy tale happily ever after.

Fake relationships are a trope that can be fun and sweet if done right. Ashlyn Kane nails it in this book. The characters are utterly charming, the pacing is spot on, and this book just works.

Brayden is absolutely adorable. He’s had something in his past that keeps him from committing, but he enjoys life. He’s funny and charming, and it comes across so well on page. He’s got a great family and he’s solid in his wants. Except, Brayden’s determined never to let his heart get involved. As much as he wants Flip, he knows the man is out of his league and he’s certain it can never go anywhere. I loved this character, his sassy mouth, his sense of humor, and his ability to roll with it. He was just great all around.

Flip also had a bad experience when he was young, and he’s played it safe ever since. He’s the heir to the throne, and he loves his country and his people, so the men he’s chosen as an adult have always been “suitable” to be the prince consort. He never expected Brayden to sweep him off his feet so thoroughly. I love that this guy is so involved in his country, so determined to do right, and so good at what he does. Watching him fall in love with someone so perfect for him was a real treat.

The chemistry between these characters was great. It’s more of a slow burn, as they dance around each other as their hearts, and Flip’s position, keep them apart. But when they finally get to the moment where they can act on their feelings, it’s almost like magic. And so very romantic.

Personally, I could have done without the miscommunication toward the end that drove them apart for a minute. Fortunately, it was resolved quickly and didn’t last too long. I like that they vowed to communicate better in the future, and that the listened to one another. But I would have preferred to have a stay and talk moment instead of a run and be apart moment.

Other than that small issue, I basically adored this book. As I said, Kane does the trope right. The MCs are great, the secondary characters are wonderful and charming, and, on the whole, this book just works. If you’re looking for a fun, fluffy, romp with a fake relationship and royalty, then this one is definitely for you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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