Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Waverly may be an omega, but he is also a Dom and uninterested in being the submissive partner. This makes it particularly difficult when it’s time for his heat, as Waverly doesn’t want to be dominated by anyone. When a friend who is also in the kink scene suggests he may have the perfect alpha to help Waverly through his heat, it seems like the ideal solution. Derek may be an alpha, but he is also a submissive, so the two men are a perfect fit.

Although the men definitely get along well, it is supposed to be a one time thing. That is until Derek recognizes that the time has come to get away from the Oaklawn Pack and its abusive leader. With a young omega to protect, Derek seeks safety with Trillium Creek, not having any idea that it is Waverly’s pack. As it turns out, Trillium has been trying to bring down the Oaklawn alpha for a while now, and with the help of Derek and the omega he brought with him, they are closer than ever before to stopping Hanson’s abusive behavior toward his pack and the trafficking of young omegas for breeding.

As Derek and Waverly spend more time together, their connection seems to grow. Waverly isn’t sure he is ready to settle down with a mate, but Derek knows Waverly is everything he could want. Now the men have to figure out if their connection is enough to build into a life together.

Love Someone Like Me is the fourth book in Silvia Violet’s entertaining Trillium Creek series. I have been eager for this story as I have a fondness for characters who break their molds and so I really like how we get two men here that don’t fit in their world as expected. Waverly is a dominant omega and Derek is a submissive alpha. Both men have expectations placed upon them for how they are supposed to act and behave. While Waverly has it a little easier in Trillium Creek, Derek is being pressured to take an omega and start a family. Violet does a great job showing how both of these men are struggling under the weight of these roles they are supposed to take on and it is enjoyable to see how they find the perfect fit with one another. Their scenes together are sexy and they have a great dynamic. Although the guys do get into some kink, this isn’t super intense on the BDSM end.

This series has had an overarching plot focused on the Oaklawn Pack and their alpha, Hanson. Each book has touched on this larger story as the folks at Trillium Creek learn more about what is going on at Oaklawn and try to stop it. In this story, we get some major resolution to this plot and some elements are definitely tied up here. I was a little disappointed that for a story that carries on for four books, much of the action with regard to Hanson himself is indirect. We see things occur on page that then affect what happens to him, but we don’t see his actual resolution happen ourselves. Given that he has been the big bad guy for the whole series, it took some of the power away for me to not see things happening live.

Overall, I continue to enjoy this series and I think this was my favorite book so far. I really liked seeing how Waverly and Derek work through their individual needs together and how the men fit together so nicely. I am hoping there is more for this series as there are lots of interesting characters and I think plenty more to explore for this pack.