Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Jared and Ten have overcome a lot of challenges to get to this moment: their wedding. With everyone around them wanting the wedding of the century, Jared and Ten just want to get to the honeymoon. Still, the Railers are determined to see their favorite couple ushered into wedded bliss, one way or another. In between choosing flowers, cake tastings, and bachelor parties, Jared and Ten will find a way to tune out the chaos and rededicate themselves to the life and the love they’ve built.

Save the Date is set to be the last in the Harrisburg Railers series and ends where it began — focusing on Jared and Ten. This is a quickly paced novella that involves nearly all of the characters from the series. So this definitely isn’t the book to start with if you’re interested in reading about the Railers. Consider starting at the beginning with Changing Lines.

Save the Date is a sweet slice of life story that follows Jared and Ten through the frenzied business of planning their wedding. This novella isn’t about character growth or even big plot points. Instead, it’s a chance for long time fans of the series to bid a fond farewell to two favorite characters. Things move quickly and fairly predictably, but it doesn’t feel particularly derivative. Rather, we have a chance to visit with old friends and enjoy the culmination of their relationship. At times the story struggles with the ordinariness of it all, but for the most part I was contented and enjoyed the warm and fuzzy notions on offer.

The only thing Save the Date really lacks is hockey action, which is rather ironic given the nature of the series. It does acknowledge Ten’s recovery from his head injury and the reality that an injury of such magnitude leaves a permanent impression, not just on the patient, but all of those around them. It never gets too weighty and I appreciated that while Ten’s injury was addressed, the event didn’t overshadow everything else in his and Jared’s life.

While Save the Date was a bit light on substance, it served as a suitable end to the Railers series. I’ve been a fan since the start and while there have been ups and downs, the authors have given this reader an enjoyable journey. Its strength has always been its characters, so it was fun to see Jared and Ten finally get their happily ever after. Consider this one recommended to fans of the series.

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