Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Steilang Skovgaard is an alien in New York. The literal, from another planet, kind of alien. He has been living in the city for over two decades and the lines get blurred for him sometimes as to what traits are his own and what he has picked up from living amongst humans. Lang spends his days as a reclusive billionaire while working on his mission to create a safe space for his people to eventually settle. However, for the last seven years, his reports have not been answered and he is the only survivor of his team. When Lang spots Dillion Lee, he is not only attracted to the man, but has an immediate need to protect him when danger strikes.

Dillon’s grandfather appeared one day when Dillon was a boy. His grandfather was eccentric and spun tales of aliens and although Dillon didn’t believe the stories he told, he has fond memories of spending summers with the man. Then, his grandfather disappeared without a word. It has been fifteen years, and a phone call has given Dillon care of his grandfather’s ashes and all of his property. When Dillion decides to take one last tour of NYC carrying the ashes, someone tries to steal them, but Lang steps in to save both Dillon and the urn and the attraction Dillon feels for Lang has the potential to complicate things further.

The ashes are still not safe however, as there is second attempt to steal them and Dillon uncovers boxes of information that show his grandfather’s work not only had a purpose, but that he, and even Dillon himself, are not who he thought. Lang wants to spend time with Dillon, but he can’t reveal himself and while Dillon is falling for Lang, it seems to only be a matter of time until Dillon figures out the truth.

I liked both Dillon and Lang and, as the story opened, I was intrigued by Dillon with his purple hair and mission to revisit the places his grandfather had shown him as a child. Dillon is unsure of what his next steps in life are and this is giving him a purpose. Lang catches his attention immediately and when Lang saves Dillon from injury, a bond is formed. However, Dillon has no idea what a billionaire like Lang could possibly see in him.

The chemistry between the men is easy. But Lang has a lot to cover up and his years of being on Earth have taken its toll on his body and health. This part of the story had me all caught up in it. It was the larger plot that faltered for me. There is a lot to learn about Lang and where he came from and what his mission is and there is talk of different clans from his planet and at times I felt like the information was more of an info dump and other times there wasn’t enough to back the story. Dillon’s grandfather, as well as Dillon himself, had large backstories and there wasn’t enough time to develop it all as thoroughly as I needed. By the end of the story, there were many pieces that didn’t fully come together for me as there simply wasn’t enough development of certain areas.

The book ends on a positive note for the men and there is a bonus story after the last chapter showing the men moving on in their relationship. It was the relationship aspect that worked the best for me and since a continuation of their story has recently been published, I am looking forward to seeing what they get up to next.

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