Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Matt and Colin’s relationship ended when Matt couldn’t understand just how important Colin’s dog, Judy, was to him. To Matt, Judy was just a dog, but to Colin, she was family. Fast forward to present day and Matt’s sister has left town and left her dog, Willie, with him. He has come to realize exactly how Colin feels about having a dog.

One day, at the dog park, Willie makes friends with a lovely little Pomeranian, and that Pom happens to belong to Colin. Colin wants to take this opportunity to reconnect. It seems he’s never fallen out of love with Matt and wants to start again. Matt’s still hurt and is skittish. Can Colin’s persistence, Willie’s puppy love with Judy, and fate bring them back together? Or will misunderstandings or Colin’s angry BFF put a stop to their reunion before it begins?

I’m a sucker for romances where pets play a major role. They tend to be sweet and adorable, and who doesn’t love sweet and adorable? You and Me Again was cute, and I liked it ok, but I feel as if I didn’t really connect with the story or characters. Don’t get me wrong. Matt and Colin are good guys, and Willie and Judy are charming. I just don’t find myself rooting for the MCs. Matt’s bitterness feels over the top, and Colin’s overtly sexual come-ons are on the verge of creepy.

There’s a “bad guy” in the story in Colin’s best friend, Mason. Mason’s a kind of a stereotype, but I think he’s well written. Mason’s the kind of guy who wants to be in charge and tries to disguise it as being concerned and protective. I can’t see why Colin would be friends with someone like him. When he comes across Matt and Willie at the dog park, he’s just so…mean. This is why I am impressed with Megan Slayer’s portrayal of him, right until the end.

I want to quickly mention Willie and Judy. Truthfully, I think they’re the better couple in the story. They meet cute in the dog park and become inseparable quickly. I love how they’re there to give their doggie daddies the nudges they need. I can almost hear their conversations, and that leaves me feeling very happy.

The final chapter of this novella frustrates me. There’s a misunderstanding/conflict that feels a bit contrived and unnecessary. Yes, I know conflict is needed to move a story along, but I feel this one is a little out of place. It’s almost as if it’s another book altogether. Matt’s reaction, especially, seems atypical and off. Ironically, Mason is the voice of reason. I actually like that. That’s another example of the author’s skill in writing an antagonist.

You and Me Again is the second installment of the Must Love Dogs series, but you don’t need to read the first one to understand what’s going on here. These are totally different characters with totally different dogs. In fact, this story is quite a bit better than the first (The One I Want). I have absolutely no doubt I’ll be reading any future installments.

All in all, even though my connection to You and Me Again is limited, I am going to recommend the story. The moments of sweet, sexy, and cute make it worth a look.