Today I am so pleased to welcome Trina Lane to Joyfully Jay. Trina has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Heart of Texas: Windows in the Mist. She has also brought along a copy to give away! Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


First I’d like to say a very big thank you to Jay for allowing me to come visit today. I’m really excited about sharing with you some insider information about my latest series The Heart of Texas. Today is the release of Windows in the Mist. This is the sequel to Shards in the Sun and the conclusion of the series.

When I started work on this series I wanted to challenge myself in a new way. Not only with taking on my first western themed story, but also writing characters that to some may seem irredeemable or too jaded. At times it was a struggle to fully expose the flaws of these true to life characters, and still find a way to keep the reader cheering them on till their happy ending was revealed. However, I felt it was important to write about imperfect heroes. And not just characters that sometimes have a bad hair day or get caffeine deprived cranky. But dig deep and expose how people can be dumb, panicky, and broken in a lot of ways but ultimately still deserving of love, respect, and a few chances at finding happiness.

One of the things I love most about writing is fully immersing myself in the world I’m trying to build. I spend hundreds of hours researching everything about the location and details I’ve chosen, but what I really enjoy is trying to understand what the daily lives of the characters could be like. For Shards in the Sun I learned a ton about Tennessee Walker horses and imagined the feeling of riding across land that I’d shed blood, sweat, and tears on to realize my dreams. For Windows in the Mist  it was researching elements of rehabilitation and coming to the realization that all of life’s choices have roots, but those roots are only the foundation and our branches can spread in any direction.

The titles of these two books are true metaphors and are intended to give readers a small glimpse into the lives of the characters between the pages. Shards in the Sun is an exploration in how love is often described as beautiful and full of light, but its not easy and often we experience pain along the way. For Windows in the Mist it’s all about how life is shrouded with uncertainty, often leaving us confused and sometimes lost, but every once in a while the shroud is lifted and we find a path leading us to the next stage in our journey. I hope readers are able to fall in love with these characters and understand what makes their lives unique and special.

As excited as I’m for this release, I’ve already started work on my next series which features the five branches of the military. There will be action, adventure, intrigue, some hot men in uniform, and of course true love. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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Javier groaned. It felt like Bobby Lashley had body-slammed him on the pavement over and over again. He tried to get his brain to follow his command to open his eyes. He was in his cell again, lying on his side in the fetal position, nipples on fire, testicles nowhere to be found, soaking wet, with his left arm tucked under his body in the oddest position.

He took inventory of his latest injuries. A trickle of something dripping down his back told him his latest lacerations were still bleeding, so he probably hadn’t been unconscious for very long. The ever-present abrasions on his wrists and ankles appeared a shade darker than the last time he’d looked. There were new burn marks on his torso too. His body shivered with a concerning combination of heat and cold. His training told him that he was probably fighting some kind of infection. Bacterial was most likely, due to the many untreated burns and lacerations he’d sustained since getting in that fucking truck with Vincent.

How much time had gone since he’d passed out in Vincent’s torture room? His cell had no windows—in fact, Javier hadn’t seen any sign of outdoors since the moment he’d woken up in his new hell. He couldn’t even use the length of his hair or beard to tell time because Vincent never allowed it to grow. He’d wake up, hungover from whatever drug Vincent had injected him with that time, to feel his face and head completely shaved. Combine that with the blank spots in his memories, and for all he knew he could be an old man by now. He certainly felt like it.

The only way he’d managed to retain his sanity was by using his training to keep his mind focused on something other than the pain, by cataloging each muscle group and bone being tortured by his kidnapper at any given time. More than once he’d popped his shoulder back into its socket. Based on the intermittent swelling, loss of range of motion and instability of his left leg he suspected an ACL injury.

How much longer could he tolerate these scenes, as Vincent called them? The man was a fucking psychopath—or, actually, sociopath would probably be a better diagnosis. He’d somehow managed to convince everyone in Javier’s circle that he was a trained submissive, even passed all the background checks for the club membership. But clearly it had all been a façade. A very cleverly crafted and multilayered portrayal.

The man should get the fucking Oscar of all Oscars then get taken right to the goddamn electric chair.

Javier rolled onto his hands and knees, but collapsed onto his elbows. The splotch of dirt on the floor spun in circles beneath his nose. If his protruding ribcage was an indication, he’d dropped significant weight and muscle mass, but his stomach no longer told him if he was hungry. He pushed up again and raised his head a few inches. A few feet away was the sagging excuse for a mattress that inhabited the corner of his cell. He started to crawl, but the pressure on his knee was too great. Javier took a deep breath and walked his hands up the wall till he was mostly vertical. The cement felt cool on his skin and he sighed in pleasure till his back made contact and lighting bolts of pain ricocheted through his body.

Me cago en la hostia de tu puta madre.”

“Now, now. My mother never did anything to you.”


Surviving is only the first step.

Javier Alde thought he had his life all figured out. He moved back to the city of his birth, found a great job and rebuilt some friendships…if only his love life followed suit.

None of that matters anymore when he’s abducted and imprisoned for several months. Upon his escape, he finds that surviving is only the first step.

Malaki Taupo is slowly putting down roots in Dallas after working for several years as a traveling physical therapist when he finds out that one of his patients is the abducted therapist whose place Malaki took at the rehab center.

The physical scars and injuries Javier sustained tell a story of torture that should have broken any reasonable person, but within Javier’s gaze, Malaki sees the strength and determination to take back his life—and he’s drawn to the capacity to love within Javier’s heart.

But navigating the perils of building a relationship is complicated. While Javier’s lost the ability to trust himself, there’s something about Malaki Taupo that stirs an ache inside him that’s altogether different from the physical pain of rebuilding his body.

Together they go on the journey of discovering who they are as men…and who they could be to each other.

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Trina is a scientist with a passion for history, music, and photography, she loves to travel and experience new places but is terminally shy around people she doesn’t know. When the zombie apocalypse occurs you’ll want to find her because she’s a crack shot, and promises to take out those nasty decomposing flesh eating vermin before they have a chance to make your their snack. She’s has been devouring romance novels since her tender teenage years, although she only began writing in 2007. Her choices in reading and writing material are as diverse as her iTunes library, which contains music from Mozart to Metallica. Her one concession is all stories must have a happily ever after ending—did we mention she’s incurably romantic? She’s the mother of a very strong willed and sweet little boy who frequently makes her smile and grimace within seconds of each other. She firmly believes that the sweetness comes from her and the other part is her husband’s fault. She loves to hear from readers and her greatest wish is that we all strive to achieve bigger dreams.


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