Today I am so pleased to welcome Jeanne G’Fellers to Joyfully Jay. Jeanne has come to share an exclusive excerpt from her latest release, Keeping House. She has also brought along a great tour wide giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


So what happens when you’ve lived over one hundred lives? You remember things, the good and bad, and sometimes you remember people, especially those who are immortal and you’ve been around multiple times. The protagonist in Keeping House, Cent Rhodes has been around Tucker Gow before, and now she’s remembering why, while she finds him attractive, she’s also disgusted by him. It’s not Tucker’s fluidity she has a problem with, rather, it’s most everything else about him.

This excerpt comes from Chapter Thirteen: “Try me Big Boy.”


“Hey, baby.” Tucker blocked Cent’s path. “Remember me?’

“Move.” Cent blinked until she saw only one of him.“I said to move!”

“You’d be a damn-sight better lookin’ if you had more hair.” Tucker reached out to touch her head, running his dirty fingers along her undercut. “You’re all leg this time. How ’bout wrappin’ them ’round me?”

“Hands off.” Conall reached past Cent to push him back.

“Not so fast.” Tucker looped his thumbs through his belt and stepped toward Cent again. “Let her speak for herself.” His bright pink nails were beyond filthy, and he reeked of cigarette and pot smoke. “Hands on or off?”

You take more breaks than you work.“I remember you now. What was it? 1937?” Cent flicked her hand, and he fell back like he’d been shoved, landing across the hall with a hard thud. “You still can’t do your nails worth a crap.” She smirked when his fauxhawk’s longest part flopped over his face. “Or your hair. If you’re trying to be fluid, do it like you give care.”

“I see you’re still opinionated.” Tucker scrambled to his feet and flicked out his wings. “You and me, we made out back then. I found you that night at the bar before Dane.”

“I slapped you upside the head for being grabby, and you still like touching what’s not yours.” She drew her eyes from him to her hand, pleased with what she’d managed. “Get outta my way.” Cent unfurled too, throwing oil down the hall as she grabbed the front of her sweatshirt to keep it down. “I’m warning you.”

“Tucker! Get back to the yard,” Dane called from the bedroom before he could open his mouth. “Lay hands on her again, and I’ll be spinnin’ you by those droopin’ holes in your earlobes you call gauges.”

“Yes’m.” Tucker rolled his wings and walked away grumbling. Cent tried to follow, her focus on Betty, not continuing their argument, but Conall caught her by her wing tip.

“Hold on.” He used his hands to roll her wings then spun her around. “For future reference, Tucker carries a knife in his right boot and a switchblade in the left pocket of his britches. Neither are Hunter metal, but he’ll skin you with his switchblade.”

“Thanks.” Cent ignored Tucker when he glanced over his shoulder, leering as he stepped off the marble onto the gravel, stopping to call out to the guard before he rounded the corner toward the entrance. He’d have won if it came to knives.


Centenary Rhodes is caught in a deal she didn’t make. Thanks to her eternal lover, Stowne’s, quick thinking, she’ll live forever, but there’s a hitch. Cent’s now fey, and three months out of the year she’ll live on the other side of Embreeville Mountain among the Hunter Fey, serving their king, Dane Gow.

As Cent begins wading through the anachronisms that come with being a Hunter, she learns that nothing is what it initially seems. Cent shares several past lives with Dane, who wants her back, and Stowne’s lied to Cent so many times that she’s having doubts about their marriage. To make matters worse, the past Hunter Kings are influencing Dane’s behavior, and the youngest Hunter, Brinn, might well be the most dangerous of them all.

It’s going to be a cold, dark spring, and Cent needs to unite both sides of Embreeville mountain before her eternal life, her relationship with Dane, and her marriage to Stowne come permanently undone.

Another rich Contemporary Appalachian tale about fantastic people and the magic they possess, including LGBTQIA+ characters Human and otherwise.

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Born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Science Fiction and Fantasy author Jeanne G’Fellers’ early memories include watching the original Star Trek series with their father and reading the books their librarian mother brought home. Jeanne’s writing influences include Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K. LeGuin, Octavia Butler, Isaac Asimov, and Frank Herbert.

Jeanne lives in Northeast Tennessee with their spouse and five crazy felines. Their home is tucked against a small woodland where they regularly see deer, turkeys, raccoons, and experience the magic of the natural world.


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