Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Rob has bought a ranch in the small town of Anticipation, WY, and he plans to spend the summer there learning the ropes. Rob is a wealthy CEO of his own company and his job is demanding, so a summer break in the small town seems just perfect, especially as his best friend, David, has extolled the virtues of life in Anticipation. Rob needs someone to do some cooking and cleaning for him, and when he meets the sexy baker in town, he knows Marty would be the perfect fit. The problem is that Rob knows he is totally attracted to Marty and keeping his distance is going to be tough.

After escaping an abusive relationship, Marty knows he can’t rely on anyone else anymore. That doesn’t stop him from craving a Daddy who can take care of him, and when he meets Rob, the man pushes all of Marty’s buttons. The job Rob is offering is perfect, as it would allow Marty to hone his catering skills and pays enough for him to save some money. But the fact that Marty is totally hot for his boss is causing complications.

Despite knowing better, Marty and Rob can’t help but fall into bed with each other almost right away. Rob is the Daddy of Marty’s dreams and Marty is exactly the kind of guy Rob would love to care for. But Marty knows sleeping with his boss is a bad idea. Even worse, as the weeks pass, he is coming to rely on Rob more and more. With Rob planning to leave at the end of the summer, Marty can’t let himself fall too hard. And despite what his heart wants, Marty also can’t let Rob take care of him. But Rob can’t help but want to protect Marty and he is beginning to think he may not be so interested in moving away at the end of the summer after all. Now he just needs to prove to Marty that he can help care for him while still letting Marty stand on his own two feet, and just maybe, there is a chance for the two men.

Anticipating Temptation is the third book in Silvia Violet’s Anticipation series and I really enjoyed this installment. Both Marty and Rob have appeared in the background of the series and so I have been eager for their story. While this one does connect with some of the other series characters, and the timelines briefly cross, I think you could read this as a standalone without too much trouble.

Ok, first off, let me say this story is all about fantasy fulfillment (and I was all here for that). Rob and Marty are boss and employee and they fall into bed (or, more accurately, up against a stall in the barn) during Marty’s first day of work. So you just kind of have to go with the lack of professionalism and boundaries here and just enjoy the romance and heat of it all. But I was able to just got with it as the men have great chemistry and are super hot together. There is a mild Daddy kink here that the men explore and there is no question that these guys are totally into each other from the very start. Expect lots of sexy times with a dominant vibe from Rob that drives Marty insane in all the best ways.

Aside from the super sexiness, what is at the heart of this story is the men finding balance with each other. Rob is a successful businessman who goes for what he wants and usually gets it. He is wealthy and charming and “heavy handed” as David points out. He knows he wants Marty and he sets out to get him. He also wants to take care of Marty and sometimes Rob doesn’t fully think through how Marty will feel about that help. So Rob needs to learn to take a step back and give Marty a little room and some independence, even though in the bedroom, Marty is all about Rob being in charge. For his part, Marty got out of an abusive relationship and while he totally trusts Rob, he feels strongly that he can’t depend fully on anyone again. The fact that Rob is planning to leave at the end of the summer makes this even more true. So I liked the way this conflict is explored in the story and how each man makes strides to better understand the other and meet in the middle.

I really enjoyed this third installment in the series. I liked how Violet explores the conflict between the men, and their connection is sexy and really fun. I am definitely looking forward to more from Anticipation!