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Length: Novel

Lei Knight is a mere shadow of the former opera star he once was. The death of his only child has left him unable to cope with life and the scars he hides are not all internal. Coming from a musically gifted family that is closer than most, Lei has support, but his addiction to drugs that are meant to soothe the turmoil inside have also made him emotionally stunted. If Lei is to even begin healing, it will take someone special to stand by him and look beneath his anger and grief to see the potential he still has and the broken heart that may still be able to mend.

Micah Payne has an amazing gift most don’t possess: he is able to listen. Not interject himself into a conversation, but be comfortable enough with silence until the speaker begins to reveal their pain and sadness. Running his own non-profit that specializes in helping the elderly cope with their loneliness, Micah meets and hires Lou Knight, the feisty daughter of the musical Knight family. She helps him build his fledgling business while suggesting innovative ways to keep everything afloat. When Lou invites Micah to meet her family, he is immediately drawn to Lei. But the darkness that surrounds the beautiful man may be even more than the patient Micah can penetrate. Love may be in the offering, but making Lei understand he is still gifted and special may be the death of any emotional connection these two men want to build.

Mel Bossa’s Music of the Knight is a rich and powerful hurt/comfort story that is long on character development and less focused on the physical side of romance. This is an incredibly emotional read and the author takes time to develop the story in such a way that we not only understand all that Lei has survived, but we dwell with him in the maelstrom of pain and anguish that is his everyday life. We watch as his family grapples with the enormous weight of loving and caring for a suicidal brother and son, despite his ongoing therapy and desire to somehow deal with the devastating loss of his child. We are also made fully aware of the pitfalls of falling in love with such a person and worry over Micah, as do his family and friends, as he sinks deeper and deeper into making his life all about helping Lei.

Music of the Knight is an amazing story. There are moments when the love between Lei and Micah took my breath away, only to be followed swiftly with a gut clenching reality that Lei will have to make his recovery his own and Micah can do nothing to help him. I wish my words could do this novel justice. This was a love story unlike very few others I have ever read. This book was all about healing and learning to live and love again. For Lei, it meant a painful letting go of the grief that had become his personal lover and constant companion. For Micah, it was realizing that despite loving someone and giving them all your attention, there are no guarantees that they are going to ever fully heal enough to return that love. This was a journey that fully captured the old saying, “two steps forward, one back.”

Please be aware that some might find the subject matter of this novel triggering, particularly if attempted suicide or addiction are triggering for you. I can only say that the author does not dwell on the actual incident, but uses it carefully in order for Micah to gain even more insight to Lei’s past and how it affects him. Mel Bossa carefully crafts a beautiful story of hope and survival and I highly recommend it to you.

Joyfully Jay