Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Thor is a winged lion shifter whose magic protects the Bluebird Valley Preserve, a place where shifters and non shifting animals can live in harmony and safety. Thor takes daily flights to make sure all is well at Bluebird Valley and he’s the first person a prospective new resident will meet. Now, Thor is dying. His magical abilities are waning and his protection of Bluebird Valley is beginning to wear away.

Zach, a winged horse, son of gods, has returned to the preserve because he senses that Bluebird Valley is in trouble. The issue is he and Thor were lovers and broke up ten years ago. Neither man has been the same since, but Zach is putting all he has into convincing Thor he needs him. When Zach and Thor are together, their magic is very powerful and they’d be able to protect the reserve, along with helping Thor regain his abilities.

Thor keeps pushing Zach away because he believes combining his powers with Zach’s will be dangerous. In fact, he mistakenly believes the powerful union will kill Zach. Even though they broke up a decade ago, Thor still loves Zach and wants to protect him. Now, the preserve is becoming more and more visible to humans and other supernatural beings who want nothing more than to harm the residents. Will Thor give in and accept Zach’s help? Or will be put everyone else in danger to save the man he loves?

Oh my goodness, but I love this book! I read and reviewed the first installment of the Misfit Shifter series, Mitch, and fell in love with the setting and the hodgepodge of quirky characters (picture a skunk and wolf playing together with a squeaky duckie toy). I was intrigued by Thor. A winged lion? How? Why? So I was thrilled to see that Thor has a story of his own. Finally, I was going to get some answers! And boy did I get answers. It seems Thor is not all about being grumpy and protective. Inside, there is a sweet, caring, lovable heart, and it’s a delight!

Every single character in Thor is great! I feel like I’ve bonded with them. They’re faithful and loyal to each other. Even when Thor was fighting with Zach, there’s an underlying feeling of love. After all, Thor is willing to sacrifice himself rather than put Zach in any sort of danger. Zach is a tad on the arrogant side, but as with Thor, he’s a romantic softie. They have an incredible chemistry, whether they’re arguing or making love. There’s a (literal) spark between them. Thor and Zach are compelling and I couldn’t stop reading. I wanted to see them be together forever. The background characters are utterly charming. There’s a haughty unicorn, a skunk and wolf couple, and a sabre toothed cat who’s married to Mitch, the human. My favorite, though, is a non shifting lynx called Lavender. She comes and goes from Thor’s home and she has the temperament of a sweet little kitty. Initially, she wasn’t fond of Zach, but her affections were easily bought when he brings her a nice haul from the pet store.

I don’t want to give the whole story away, so I’m not going to tell you what sort of danger awaits Bluebird Valley if Thor loses his magic. Suffice to say, it would turn out very, very badly. As this is a love story, you know Thor and Zach will have their HEA, but it’s a rough road to get there. It’s also an exciting road. I had already been caught up in the story, but here, the author really took it up a notch.

The ending is neat and tidy, and I am completely satisfied. It’s as it should be. As this is the second book in a series, I do recommend you read Mitch to get the full scope of Bluebird Valley. This one gives some exposition, but I don’t think it’s quite enough. That’s ok, though, as it’s just as aweome as this one I am so happy to have read Thor, and I absolutely cannot wait for the third installment. I highly recommend this one.