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Length: Novel

Lee and Jones are two of Black’s best assassins and agents. And they used to be a pretty damn good partnership in and out of the bedroom, too. But these days they barely speak to one another, let alone work together. That is until a human trafficking ring ends up involving one of the organization’s own. Ginger adores Lee and Jones and when his kid brother becomes the victim of sex slavers, he knows he’ll need both men to help rescue the boy.

They embark on the kind of road trip where every minute counts, but where there’s time enough for Lee and Jones to work through their issues. And once they do, they realize the thing they’ve been missing all along is Ginger. As the three men race to save Ginger’s brother, they learn that together they’re an incredible combination. Their work is never safe though and when the situation grows more complicated, Lee, Jones and Ginger must face the reality that not everyone may survive.

Triple Threat is the sixth in the Haven Hart series and it’s safe to say these books really need to be read in order. At this point, there are simply too many interconnecting plots and characters for the uninitiated to untangle. Ostensibly, Triple Threat is the story of a road trip and tends to distance itself from the city of Haven Hart, but not for long and most of the characters we’re familiar with show up at some point. Lee, Jones, and Ginger have been introduced in previous books, so a bit of their backstory is already established.

The writing is fairly strong and the author has an approachable and easy voice that I enjoy. The pacing is decent and while there were a few points where things felt a bit slow, those periods are few and far between.

The story is straightforward and a tad flat. There were times I just didn’t feel engaged and I think a lot of that has to do with the main characters. Individually, I think they’re fairly interesting, but together they just didn’t work for me. Their relationship seemed stiff and nearly wooden. There just wasn’t much passion between the three of them and that trickled down to affect other aspects of the book. They aren’t terrible by any means, but they lacked a really meaningful connection. Which is a shame because one of the reasons I enjoy reading about ménages are the relationships, which are often stronger and more intense. Here that just didn’t happen. Lee and Jones felt like a believable couple, but Ginger seemed wedged between them.

Additionally, the connection between the human trafficking ring and Haven Hart was a bit of a stretch. I appreciate the author is setting up the next book in the series, but it lacked a level of believability. This series has slowly been turning one character into some sort of multi-faceted mastermind (exactly what type of mastermind isn’t fully clearly yet) and that part of the overall plot tends to feel out of place.

Triple Threat wasn’t the strongest in the Haven Hart series, but it still had some enjoyable moments and it’s got enough happening on page to keep most readers engaged. I think if you’ve read the series this far, you’ll definitely find something to appreciate about Triple Threat. And while Lee, Ginger, and Jones didn’t really work for me, other fans might disagree.

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