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When Nate’s roommate Eric walks in on him jerking off, Nate is pretty mortified. But he is surprised he also finds it kind of hot, and he can’t stop thinking about Eric. Nate has always dated women, though there was a guy back before college that caught his interest. But something about the incident has him seeing Eric in a new light, and now Nate can’t get him out of his mind.

When Eric makes it clear he is interested in Nate in return, the guys have a hot hookup that blows Nate’s mind. That one night then turns into a series of encounters, each one hotter than the next. Something about they way Eric takes control just drives Nate wild. Nate finds he can’t stop thinking about Eric and is drawn to him like he hasn’t been to anyone else before. But the guys are still keeping their relationship a secret as Nate isn’t ready to come out as bisexual, and the more time they spend together, the greater the risk that someone will find out. Not to mention that Nate is starting to have feelings for Eric that are more than just lust. Now Nate has to decide if he is ready to take a chance on something great with Eric and admit how he feels, or risk losing the man he is growing to love.

Want Me is a hot and sexy new adult story that is also a really nicely developed romance. I was caught up in this one immediately and found myself really growing to love Nate and Eric as a couple.

Before I go too far, let’s talk about the structure here. Want Me was originally released as a serial in six episodes via author Neve Wilder’s newsletter. It has now been bundled into one novel, with a new final episode added in that serves as sort of an epilogue. The first story was intended to be a standalone short, but then was expanded into the series, so it has the feel of a short with a full story arc, while the others are more installments in the larger serial. Wilder also chose to keep them formatted as the original episodes, so each one is a “chapter” in the book. So I’ll admit, I was a little unsure before starting this, as sometimes serials that combine into a larger book end up being choppy when stories that were original separated are all combined together. But I need not have worried as this book is completely seamless. While I could see how the first story could have stood alone, one episode flows smoothly into the next, with neither abruptness nor recaps that could interrupt the flow.

I have to say, I’m glad I read this all at once because I don’t know how I would have been nearly patient enough if I had to wait in between installments! This story had me totally engaged and these guys are hot like fire together. Eric has this dominating presence and a way of directing Nate through their sexual encounters that drives Nate wild. This isn’t a Dom/sub thing by any means, but Eric definitely takes the lead and it makes Nate super hot. The guys also have a thing for sex in risky places, something that also makes them both crazy. To be clear, there is a LOT of sex in this book. Each of the episodes has at least one major sex scene and then some. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the story hot and the sex scenes to be creative, as well as to really help show the growing feelings the guys have for each other. I also appreciated that while early on, sex is pretty much the glue holding these guys together, as the story continues, I could definitely see the progression from hookups to relationship.

The conflict here really centers on the fact that the guys are keeping things secret about what is going on between them. Eric isn’t pushing Nate to come out, but he worries what will happen if they are caught and Nate isn’t ready. I did wish we got a little more clarity on what was holding Nate back from coming out as bisexual and his relationship with Eric because this is really the only conflict and it would have helped to have more clarity or a look into what was going on in his head about it. But that was really my only small issue here.

I found this one really engaging and I just couldn’t put it down. It is super sexy, but there is also substance here and I really loved reading about Nate and Eric. This is my first book by Neve Wilder, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more of the author’s work. This one is definitely recommended to new adult fans and those that enjoy a lot of steamy sex in their stories.



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