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Length: Novel

Adrian is used to passing the homeless on the streets of Las Vegas nearly every night. Working as a blackjack dealer at one of the casinos has shown him how people can squander heaps of money and lose everything in the blink of an eye. So the guy in the suit, sitting with his cup and sign, shouldn’t have affected Adrian in the least; so why does he stop and go back and offer to buy the guy a meal? That meal morphs into a night on his couch and then into another and after that the undeniable chemistry between he and Max can no longer be ignored.

Max hit rock bottom after losing his job, to which he’d given countless hours; in fact, he gave the last several years of his life. He didn’t have a life outside his job and when he lost it and then his condo and his car and just about everything else, he decided to take the last of his money, blow in it Vegas, and then end it all. The problem was, when it came to that ending part, he found he couldn’t and that’s how he ended up on the street where Adrian discovered him and took him in. Adrian is beautiful and like no other man he’s ever met, but their time together is short for Max has to try and return to L.A. and make a new life out of the ashes of his old one.

Hands down, L.A. Witt has created the most warmhearted romance out of her novel At the Corner of Rock Bottom & Nowhere. It is undeniably the sweetest hurt/comfort romance I have ever read. I am not sure who I loved more–Max or Adrian. Both these men deserved each other and the tenderness they found together. I loved the way that Adrian refused to be embarrassed by the fact that he was a part time stripper and sometimes got paid for sex that he chose to pursue after being offered it at his dancing job. I also appreciated how the author made Max so incredibly humble—changed after his suicide attempt and therefore not judgmental at all about Adrian’s choice of work. While the story is quick to point out that their relationship is not perfect, there is a whole lot of acceptance by both guys about the path their lives has taken.

This novel was so well done. There was such an ease to the chemistry between Adrian and Max. While the sex came quickly, there was no insta-love. Instead, there was a steady movement toward the idea of falling in love, making it really lovely to imagine just as both men did. I liked how there were no real quick fixes for Max. He didn’t suddenly return to his old life, but instead slowly realized that he no longer fit into it and that Adrian had to figure in to whatever new path he might try and take.

I thoroughly enjoyed At the Corner of Rock Bottom & Nowhere. I’ve read other work by this very capable and talented author, but never has a story moved me quite as much as this one. I encourage those looking for a sweet romance to pick this one up.