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Length: Novel

Henri is the fifth book in the Confessions series by Ella Frank and Henri’s character is introduced in the earlier books. This series and this book definitely work best being read in order.

If given a choice, Henri Boudreaux would most likely have stayed on the right side of the law. But he wasn’t given a choice as he is the son of a criminal. He’s never been caught and has never been charged with anything, and while he is trying to forge a new path, law enforcement has never been his friend. Except now, the hot cop is the one that Henri cannot keep his mind off of and that is one complication Henri isn’t sure he’s ready to take on.

Officer Craig Bailey could barely take his eyes off of the mysterious Henri when they first met. Bailey doesn’t do one-night stands, but he cannot pass up the sinfully tempting Henri. However, that night doesn’t go as planned and it leaves both men craving the other. One more chance meeting gives the men another opportunity and the men quickly become wrapped up in each other. But Henri knows he can never outrun his past and knows he isn’t good enough for the man whose life is dedicated to upholding the law. Bailey and Henri are both lonely and fill all the empty spaces in each other and know what they have is special, but Bailey still doesn’t how bad Henri can be.

Certain characters intrigue you right away and the moment Henri stepped onto the page in an earlier book in this series, I was hooked. Henri grew up with Priest and their childhood friendship grew to intimacy and Henri has not gotten over Priest leaving him behind. Henri and Priest’s relationship is complicated and Henri is devastated over Priest moving on with not one, but two men. Henri has been presented as dark and mysterious, and while he is, he also has a soft center and he’s lonelier than we were led to believe.

Henri is incredibly attracted to Bailey and the fact that Bailey is a cop both intrigues as well as makes Henri think twice. But the men really can’t manage to think when they are around each other as the chemistry is wild between them.

This book is the first part of Henri and Bailey’s story. True to the title of the book, we get more backstory on Henri and, while we get point of view from both men, this book is definitely slanted more toward Henri. We learn more about his earlier years, more about his explosive relationship with Priest, and more about the past that haunts him. We also learn that although Henri will say differently, he really wants someone to call his own and build a relationship with. Well, not just someone, he wants Bailey, and with Bailey being a cop, there are all kinds of complications to work through. Bailey has always been cautious when it comes to men and he hasn’t found someone that has made him want more, until Henri.

The men are really great together as they navigate wanting more than just the incredible chemistry between them. As a cop, Bailey is always in control during the day, but will hand over control to Henri in the bedroom and they play off of each other incredibly well. This book is sensual in true Ella Frank style and there is never a doubt how much these guys want each other. Also, as an added bonus, be on the lookout for some brief sightings of favorite characters from Frank’s worlds.

There is still more to Henri and Bailey’s story as the next book, Bailey, will be released later this year and the ending here is still left open. I liked how Henri had more layers to him as we get to know him better and all the areas of his story kept me engaged. He still has a lot to work through and Bailey may be just the man to help him.

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