Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Noah and Rowe’s relationship is going strong after almost three years and the men are deliriously happy and in love. But things can never stay settled as someone takes a shot at Noah. The men then learn that two of Noah’s friends from the Army are dead and Noah and JB, Noah’s former lover, are the next targets.

It’s only natural for the men to take it upon themselves to track down the killer and a trip to Washington, DC uncovers secrets and lies the men wish they never knew. While the love and chemistry Noah and Rowe have for each other is secure, they are also going through some growing pains and are hesitant to discuss if they want the same things for their future. Add in a dash of good old-fashioned jealousy and the men have things to discuss. But first, Rowe has to show a would-be killer that no one messes with his man.

Rowe and Noah continue the Unbreakable Bonds series with more heat and more action. This book follows the entire storyline for this series and reading the books out of order would severely diminish the flow. Rowe and Noah have now been in a relationship for a few years and they are more in love than ever. They are friends and they are lovers and they truly enjoy being with each other both in bed and out, but the men are not sure if they are in sync with what the other wants for the future.

The book opens with the group all together for a special occasion, but this book focuses mostly on Noah and Rowe. When the men are shot at while driving, it brings up painful memories for Rowe while leading them to uncover some dirty dealings that go back to Noah’s days in the Army. I always enjoy the personal connections of the characters here more than the larger action scenes and plot. In the past, the scenes have been too over the top for me. While that was not the case here, the situation that Noah and Rowe, along with Noah’s friend, JB, uncover lacked depth for me and stayed on the surface, making it more difficult to really follow what had transpired and how all the players fit in.

I did enjoy the emotional connection that Noah and Rowe have and how it played out alongside the case. Their relationship has evolved so much during the course of the series and it was really great to see them opening up about their future and truly having a solid bond of love, deep friendship, and the continued heat they still feel from just one glance at the other.

The book moved fast as they worked the case and they were solidly in their element. With touches from all of the other men in their made family, it rounded out the story and I appreciated that the authors had the men follow the path that was right for them in their personal relationship. And with as much as JB was a part of this book, maybe there’s the possibility of a book and a man for him.

With one more book for Ian as part of the core group, it will be sad to see these men take their leave. If you have followed the series, it’s almost impossible to pass this one up as the men settle into their families and their futures with their partners, as well as the family they have made as a group.