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Today I am so pleased to welcome K.M. Neuhold to Joyfully Jay. She is here on behalf of the folks in the Heart2Heart Anthology, Volume 3. K.M. has brought along an exclusive excerpt from her short story in the anthology. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


K.M. Neuhold is thrilled to offer an exclusive look at her Heart2Heart charity anthology contribution, “The Family Reunion”

What’s it about?

Roman needs a fake boyfriend for a family reunion, Lawrence needs a vacation from studying. Will what started out as a mutually beneficial arrangement become something more?


The sound of the patio door sliding open catches my attention, and I look over my shoulder to find Roman stepping out onto the balcony, still completely nude. In the morning sun it’s easy to identify all the marks I left on his body—finger-shaped bruises on his hips, nipples swollen from being sucked and bitten, a love bite on his collar bone where I sucked his skin while he pounded into me. My cock perks up as my eyes rake over him greedily.

“Damn, it’s nice out,” he says, taking a deep breath and holding his arms wide as if to welcome the day to himself.

“Um, do you know you’re naked right now.”

Roman quirks a brow at me. “Yes, I am aware. Is that a problem?”

“Not for me, but it might be for the people down at the pool.” I tilt my head toward the pool below, and Roman saunters to the railing without a care in the world, resting his arms on it and leaning over to look down.

“They’re like ten floors away. They can’t see my dick from way down there.”

“Mm.” He makes a good point but watching him stand outside naked is giving me hives just imagining how self-conscious I would feel.

“Come on, let’s take a shower together, and then it’s time for family meal, round two.” He jerks his head to indicate I should follow as he steps back inside.

“Round two?” I ask, heaving myself off the chair and going after him.

“Yup, family brunch where my sister is going to brag about her kids, who she doesn’t even raise herself mind you, because she’s too busy working to give them the time of day.”

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to respond to that, so I don’t, choosing instead to discard my pants and follow Roman to the large shower, which is more than big enough for two.


Once upon a time, a group of authors wondered… What if the Heart2Heart app — the dating app with a glitch that matched up the oddest, most perfect couples, and sponsored the charity date raffles that helped dozens of people find love — offered a classifieds section, too?

Need a handyman who knows how to wear a tool belt? Have a closet of drag costumes that needs a new home? How about finally tracking down that guy who made the perfect drink, or who’s just the right height to reach the top shelf?

Join some of your favorite authors of gay romance as they bring you sixteen brand-new stories inspired by reader suggestions!

Once again, all proceeds from this collection will go to the authors’ favorite LGBTQ charities, to ensure that love in all its forms will be celebrated and protected every single day of the year!

Charity information: 

With this third volume we are proud to be donating a portion of our proceeds to each of the following charities:

LGBT Youth Line: a Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit* youth-led organization that affirms and supports the experiences of youth (29 and under) across Ontario. We do this by:

  • Providing anonymous peer support and referrals;
  • Training youth to provide support to other youth; and
  • Providing resources so youth can make informed decisions.


Kind Space: committed to providing accessible resources, events, social, and educational programming to celebrate and support people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. https://kindspace.ca

The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity: aspiring to support and transform Canadian and indigenous communities from coast to coast to coast in a shared vision of a discrimination-free gender and sexually diverse world. http://ccgsd-ccdgs.org

More info: The first 2 volumes of Heart2Heart made a combined total of more than $50k USD. The net proceeds were donated to six incredible charities, including One-n-Ten, Ali Forney Center, Trevor Project, Rainbow Railroad, Trans LifeLine, and the Bisexual Resource Center. These volumes are no longer available, but thankfully the passion for the project hasn’t faded. Every step of the process has been donated:

  • Cover design, logo, and promotional graphics by AngstyG
  • Beta reading, editing, proofreading by the team at LesCourt Author Services, as well as Allison Roy
  • Promotional posting by LesCourt Author Services and A Novel Take PR
  • And of course, the authors’ time and efforts


K.M. Neuhold is a complete romance junkie, a total sap in every way. She started her journey as an author in new adult, straight romance, but after a chance reading of an MM book she was completely hooked on everything about lovely- and sometimes damaged- men finding their <em>Happily Ever After</em> together.

She has a strong passion for writing characters with a lot of heart and soul, and a bit of humor as well. And she fully admits that her OCD tendencies of making sure every side character has a full backstory will likely always lead to every book having a spin-off or series.

When she’s not writing, she’s a lion tamer, an astronaut, and a superhero…just kidding, she’s likely watching Netflix and snuggling with her husky, Lola, while her amazing husband brings her coffee.