Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Zio is a werewolf who has only known war. His best friend, the healer of his pack, was just killed and Zio is blinded by rage and sadness. His life has always been about the fight and Zio has taken little interest in learning the history of the shifter world. So, when he is blindsided by the scent of another shifter, a shifter that is not even a wolf, Zio, going on impulse, acts first and thinks later. That scent follows him however, right into his own pack.

When Devan accepted the offer years ago to be changed into a shifter by the Shadow Clan, he did not have to give it much thought. He never thought he was remarkable, but his alphas thought differently and their powers are superior. When Devan is called upon to travel to become the healer for another pack, he doesn’t hesitate to help, and even though Devan is not a wolf, the pack knows they need a healer.

Devan is a gifted healer and he is determined to keep the pack alive, but the need between him and Zio takes on a life of its own. The bond between the men is right there for them and they desperately want to act on it, but circumstances prevent them from doing so. Between the ongoing war escalating and the fire between the men reaching an all-time high, Zio and Devan will have to risk it all in order to truly be together.

I have particular expectations for shifter books and when I heard Garrett Leigh was writing shifters, I couldn’t wait to check it out. The fated mates aspect and the heat and the longing in this book were especially well done.

Devan travels to England to assist Zio’s wolf pack. The war they have been fighting has been going on for decades with no end in sight. Devan is a shifter, but is not a wolf and it is not told upfront what kind of shifter he is and we have to wait for it a little bit. Zio’s pack is hesitant to accept a healer that is not a wolf, but they know they cannot be left unprotected. Devan’s clan has remained neutral in the fight, for a number of reasons, one of the biggest being that they have superior powers.

Devan and Zio are on each other in moments in the way only the fated mate bond can bring and their connections are incredibly heated and their chemistry cannot be contained. But once they figure out what the other is, they know it can never happen and the pack and clan know it can never happen and the men are basically losing their minds because they need to be together. There are, of course, reasons for all this happening.

The world and the war were not as clearly defined for me. I was completely caught up in this book, that was not an issue, but there were a lot of areas, including the war, who they were fighting, Devan’s clan, and how and why Devan became a shifter, that I needed more from. There were explanations that were left out and I have difficulty when characters leave off in the middle of a sentence or say, “It’s not important right now,” and in some cases we never do get the full story.

The relationship and chemistry between the men was everything you would want from a fated mates book and I was completely caught up in the intensity between Devan and Zio. The larger world got a little big here with a lack of explanation in some cases and I felt the world building was not as tight as I needed it to be.

There are a lot of pack mates introduced here and a lot of stories that could be told and I am definitely interested in hearing all of them. I would definitely recommend this book for the chemistry that crackled off the page from these men. While the larger world had some weak spots for me, a Garret Leigh book is incredibly difficult to pass up.