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What would you do if you suddenly ran into the very person you caught your ex cheating with three years prior? Not only that, but what if the guy was hot, available, and coming on to you with laser-like determination? Sure, he was the reason you split with your boyfriend, but when an office mate tells you that there is such a thing as hate sex and you can have your cake and eat him too, well…is it really wrong to use the cute bartender as a means to ease your still wounded pride?

Welcome to Paul Davenport’s world. When he sees Indy behind the bar of his favorite hangout, not only is he shocked, but angry as well. How dare the guy come onto him especially after Paul happily reminds him how he ruined his life those many years ago. But Indy has a very different take on what exactly went down with Paul’s ex and apologizes, wanting them both to move on and maybe explore the spark that is so evidently between them. Can Paul really move past the anger and pain he’s held onto for so long and have a chance with this flirty, smart-mouthed bartender, or should he just be content using him for mind-blowing sex and then walk away before letting any other emotions develop between them?

With laugh out loud humor, an incredibly quirky, but endearing side cast of characters, and a smoking hot bad boy, H.L. Day sends down an incredibly entertaining new novel with Temporary Insanity. While this book is part of the existing Temporary series, it apparently runs concurrently with the other stories and can really be read as a standalone. I have not read any others in this group and had no problem following the story line. (Believe me when I tell you I will be purchasing both the other books—I am hooked!)

Even though Paul holds onto his anger for as long as he can, Indy is a master at wearing him down. Employing a teasing tone while continually pushing against Paul’s admittedly weak defenses, Indy proves again and again that he is the man for his grumpy, snarly enemy with benefits. From the gifting of a pink elephant to persistent come-ons, Indy is a hard one to resist and Paul doesn’t really stand a chance, especially not when workmates Russell (the hilariously chaste virgin) and Gabrielle (think gum-snapping, no boundaries gal pal) are intent on getting Paul laid. Honestly, this ensemble cast was just marvelous together. With delightfully humorous dialogue and insanely awkward situations galore, this novel was outstanding.

Temporary Insanity was top notch entertainment from beginning to end. When a novel makes me want to grab up the others in the series then I can say with no reservations that I highly recommend this book to you.

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